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The narrator of this game is great progenitor

The narrator of this game is great progenitor, the former Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy, he led then have Yao and McGrady, the Rockets played the Predator defense is also very popular in the league, but I'm sorry things, but a few times down in The first round of the playoffs, the results of laid-off from the narrator, is also happy and comfortable in the league, but today his explanation, but the offensive firepower the strongest Warriors league, do not know how to evaluate.
Before the game, warm-up time, Lin Fei always try to shoot from the midline, each cast, the audience exclaim sound. Griffin is always over and over again the basket turned dunks.
Game, there are things, the audience boos sounded, so why? Warriors starting the team is not even the forest fly, cheap authentic nfl jerseys,20 back from injury Curry seems Nelson slumped over the old man is bent to make people condemned. Lin Fei change to the other team, definitely untouchable starter, is also likely to become a privileged players, but the Warriors turned out to be off the bench. Linfei Is able to take 60 minutes might as well just back from injury Curry, the indignation of the fans is justified!
Nelson players for Griffin is really quite afraid this is not their own defense, faced with this powerful insider, with his teammate Michael Jordan, the combination of the Alliance inside combination which is also called luxury a. Is really dead or alive, and perhaps really is fate.
Scrimmage, Steve Jobs, and Griffin, had Griffin height slightly occasionally makes forecasts high a little bit, but jumped nearly occasionally makes forecasts a head, you do not look Mogao occasionally makes forecasts much higher a. If the league today there are indisputable number one title, Griffin is promising. Clippers ball.
Mo Williams the ball, which was once nicknamed "did not dare pass" players to the Clippers, whose own the most important thing to Griffin passing score becomes. Griffin free throw line near the back to the basket, the ball behind the defense of Steve Jobs, Williams lob to Griffin, Griffin the ball, turned, front basket, Joe Sri Lanka defense, does not allow a little slack, Griffin, a dribble to keep up with Steve Jobs, Griffin turned back to the basket, Arse, Top Jobs, Jobs back This space and time intervals, Griffin directly turned to Steve Jobs gave, and then straight into the basket, Claudia Anderson, an attempt to fill anti Claudia Anderson is definitely not afraid of this players desperately posted up, cheap authentic nfl jerseys, but Griffin bounce height alarming jump in Anderson, Claudia, but also the whereabouts of the time, Griffin was the highest point separated by Claudia Anderson, Griffin is a slam dunk The opening is so Madden.
Warriors attack, just back from injury Curry speed really is not lift, Nielsen 8 seconds to complete the attack, the full implementation of that is not in place, opponents 8 seconds to stand a good bit. But obviously before the game, Nelson has said to the players, and fight the game is not hard, but a coincidence, because their tactical needs players is very high-speed rotation, so the physical exertion, rarely in a intensity after the game the next day to continue to play back to back, so Nelson talk about the Clippers the game a "clever". Claudia Anderson to turn around low Clippers Qiaodan Ka-bit, let Claudia Anderson ball Jobs and Aix-en is relatively flexible, they can even cross-transposition, Cairns and Curry walk outside looking for the right time, under normal circumstances, Jobs and Aix-en opportunity to forward up to a Jobs and Aix-en-cross running after Curry eye grassland ball handed Aix-en-Ai

Speed, speed, speed, after the scene, Nelson first thought of the speed at the rate has reached its limit, but the speed of the ball is no limit.
Moment, the Warriors are not pure point guard in the field, everything is at the core of the ball, all running around a ball, all the target is the ball into the basket.
The first attempt, Curry dribble, cheap nfl jerseys, at the moment was to intercept library to pass to the running of Aix-en-Provence, Aix-en-dribble two steps to the running Jobs, Jobs direct is rushed to the basket, hit a layup.
Is simply breathtaking. 5 seconds! This is a subtle tie!
Since the ball into the Nelson is more firm in their new tactical breakthrough!
GOON! Nelson cried!
Epiphany out of this move is enough to change the whole team!
Nets in the next attack, the Warriors players are combined with the Nets' offensive line, with the team defense the running, plus the blocking team attack is clear, is inside hit Lopez, outside main Deron Williams for the Warriors, this play is no doubt that a flaw.
The Warriors went on to attack! Or continuous transfer four times a ball! Ball to the basket, Claudia Anderson to turn around and singles step is a hook shot. Or 5 seconds!
A tactic can be quick on the court, very few people in this league can do, Nelson is one of them!
Play a sudden change in the Nets feel very uncomfortable! From the field Nets team's running, you can understand.
Next Warriors defense, attack, pass the time directly steals, Nelson suddenly startled, he ignored a serious problem, the team to increase the number of passing, no doubt increased his opponent the opportunity to steal, and the mistakes of the game is often the most deadly.
How to do? The current circumstances, Nelson no doubt to weigh the pros and cons of the "ball faster than a man" of this new style of play.
In fact, think about the Nielsen requirements, "the ball faster than people," not exactly fit Nielsen training emphasizes that everyone must learn to ball idea? But it seems very long time, even dare boldly attempt to Nelson, but never dared to try to cancel the point guard on the floor, now in the passive case, Nelson realized that a higher level, and found peacetime training and field to play the best combination of points.
The Warriors played fast, cheap nfl jerseys,and the field under the forest fly in a slight daze. Why? Ball so fast to run, even if they ran their best, and far less than Moreover, it requires to pass the ball, the speed advantage, and superior ball-handling skills where there are useless?
The fast pace of the Warriors, but it is slowly catch up with the score, for
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