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Is this allowed on frihost host? Game site... Store... etc

Hi, I am thinking of using frihost to test a few scripts and create a few websites but I need to know for sure if they are allowed.

The scripts and whatnot would only be using php and mysql databases. I am just not sure if this is permitted I have read the TOS, but I still want to make sure I do not violate anything in doing so.

I am thinking of trying out a couple different gameing scripts (clickable animal type things and virtual pet-type games, perhaps even online adventure-esque scripting)

EDIT: Just a side-question: If I recall right I would be able to have unlimited Mysql databases. Is that correct? Or is my memory flawed?

Another Edit: Am I allowed to have a forum? If so is MyBB acceptable?

Yet, another edit: I have found that OpenCart is allowed so is there any other shopping (store) scripts that must be avoided? Oh, by the way everything I would be using would either be under some form of an open source license or written by myself or a friend.

Yet, another edit: Ok I know I do not need to add this one but I feel like I should after re-reading this post and the edits. First for clarification, I recall reading somewhere that there is basically no limit on what I can do with the hosting. That being said, I wanted to make sure that a pet-like/ collection/ adventure game would be allowed. Second I had not found any stores that I knew for sure was hosted on frihost until I found posts referring to one hosted by frihost that use(s or d) the open source software OpenCart. Thereby I guess this post is all-answered by more searching than I had done before posting it. Except for the type of game and the forum, I am still not sure if these two questions about the hosting, nor the database question have been answered elsewhere.
Yes a gaming site is allowed. Only when it would start to consume too many server resources, we will contact you - but this is the case for everything. So unless your game gets very popular (or has some very intensive scripts) this won't happen.

Yes you can have as many databases as you wish. But to be honest, this is just a convenience. If a host offers you only 1 database (unless it has a maximum size), you can use it for several websites/software. I mean phpBB would use phpbb_users table (and so on), while mybb would use mybb_users table (and so on) and they all would share the same user/database.

About the forum, yes that is allowed. MyBB is definitely allowed.

OpenCart and other open source shopping carts (or other software) are allowed.

To spare you the effort of listing a few other software, we don't allow irc scripts, proxies and nullified scripts (scripts that you normally have to pay for, but someone took away the protections). Pretty much all the rest is allowed.

And if you have problems during the installation, you are welcome to create a topic about it and we'll be glad to provide some help. Very Happy
Thank you Bonding for the prompt and helful response. Thanks for frihost too. For my websites (or trials) I would only be using open source software, as I am a HUGE supporter of open source. I will not be using any scripts that do not have some sort of open source-esque license.
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