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my system cant boot

I had been trying to boot my system to no avail. The light in front of the systen is on, the fan in the PSU is also working but the fan on the processor is not working. All the drive are not working, the monitor is displaying no signal. Pls help me out.
Have you checked to make sure everything internally is seated? Also, is the PSU correctly connected to everything? Do you get any POST messages (these are usually in the form of beeps)? It will require more information than what you have given to diagnose the problem. Please post more information so that someone can help you.
Thanks pauline, the connections are in order because i did little of hardware maintenance during my I. T years. There is no beeps, there is no sign that the mobo is functioning. Thanks
there is no beeps. I am suspecting the processor because i removed it in order to change the hard disk. What happen is this, this computer was given to my unit at work, when i tried to boot, the system could not complete boooting so i tried to format it but to no avail so i took it for repair since the components of the other system is completely different from it so i couldn't test it. It was there that i was told that it has problem with the hard disk. In the process of changing the hard disk i removed the processor and replaced it. Then it failed to boot
pls help me out about my computer problem
Just continue what you are doing -

- you said you replaced the hard drive already.

- take it out from the casing and strip it down and install things 1 by 1

- see if you can at least POST using the main component only PSU, motherboard, Memory and Processor (without HDD, CDrom, etc and no other cables attached)

how old is this computer btw? and what is the process is it Intel or AMD
This isn't looking good. I would be concerned if there is no fan action for the cpu fan. You can recheck that plug for sys_fan to see if it is seated correctly and if ithe fan moves at all when you try to boot. Also cpu's need to be reseated properly in the socket if you removed and put it back in.

If you recheck all the connectors at this point in time if things are still not giving any signs of life (is there normally a systems board light and is it on) then it might be nessassary to see if there is any power on the board - 12v for the fan at least. ? That would require a meter. Any additional info about what you are looking at might be useful.

Whatever happens I do understand your pain and wish you luck on this.
Looks like a motherboard/CPU Issue. Try hard resetting the mobo.
Did you check the power source? power supply? somtime is low voltage.
My suggestion is to try another PSU just in most of the cases the problem is from faulty PSUs and then if it didn't help you have to check part by part.

Read the manual of your motherboard, some motherboards will give you extra boot sounds (not POST beep) if they even can not find the cpu so check to see if your motherboard has that option, if it has then the problem is 80 percent from your PSU and then 20 percent from your motherboard.
I suspect that when you replaced the CPU processor, it may not have been put properly. Remove it again,a nd check if all the pins are OK, i.e. none of them bent.
Then try re-seating it again, and press hard when you put the lever on it to set it in the socket.

I'm sure it is just a loose processor seating problem.

Of course, if one of the pins is cracked, then its really difficult to fix it, using a soldering iron.

Good luck, and hope it works out.
I agree with menino, try resetting the processor and while you are at it, just reset everything and make sure they are snugly where they belong. Oriented correctly too if possible. It could be a faulty PSU. Usually you will get a beep or more than one beep unless it is having issues with the video card, ram, processor, or the power supply.
I think you may need unplug you CPU from motherboard first. Then, plug a fan in to the CPU fan connection before inspecting other issues.

I am not sure how old you computer is ! So, you motherboard might not have any protection inside it.
It might damage you CPU !

If you are sure everything is connected correctly. My little experience showed that the CPU may be broken. It's just as my older computer. There is only power light but no others, e.g. beep, video display ..etc.

I hope that you are not in my case !
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