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Just got a new computer

So my friend loaned me his computer because I haven't had one for quite some time. When I first get the computer it boots up perfectly, I get rid of some of my friends old games and do some general cleaning. I leave the computer for the night and when I come back the next morning I didn't get the signal. So my friend comes over, unplugs the mobo then plugs it back in and everything is fine. Ill play some games and spend time on the internet then a week later it crashes during a Dota 2 game. It starts up fine without having to unplug the mobo but it crashes five minutes later. I figure it was an overheating problem because the case is terrible and I noticed it was a little warm. I put a fan next to it and go on with my day. All to my surprise the computer crashes again, but nothing is out of the ordinary heat wise. So I ask you people out there who are better with computers than I, what is with unplugging the mobo to get a signal and why is the computer crashing after spending some time in a game?

I am using Vista. I would prefer Windows 7 but I just don't have the money.
That's the computer he loaned me. One important thing I probably should mention is that I plugged this into a large Samsung TV through the PC port with a VGA cable. By large I mean about 32"

Thanks for any advice or help you could give me!
It's hard to tell exactly what the problem is from the information given. The easiest thing to do would be to update your drivers-having to unplug the motherboard certainly points to a hardware failure, but driver upgrades are simple and easy, so you might as well start with that. Next, if you have integrated graphics, try taking out your discrete graphics card and seeing if the problem continues. If it doesn't, you probably have a bad card. Finally, it's possible that you have a bad power supply. This seems like the most probable to me since I had one die about a year and a half ago, and it had symptoms similar to yours leading up to the eventual death. It was fine until I brought it to a LAN party, where my computer wouldn't start until I jiggled the 24 pin power connector, and it seemed to work. About a month later, though, it died completely and had to be replaced. The only way to test this would be to get another power supply and hook it up to your computer. Buying one just to test is a waste of money, so see if you can get one from an old computer or borrow one from a friend.
this case reminds me of something, if unplugging the MB from PSU and plugging it back again solves the problem it is better to check the PSU socket ! when pc gets warm due to gaming or heavy usage if the socket of PSU or the connector on the MB is faulty then this can cause very different problems, from freezing to not booting again.

checking this is very simple, do not plug out the connector after a fault happened just make it a little firmer in its place and if this worked then the problem is from motherboard socket or PSU connector if this didn't solve the problem then problem can be from the PSU itself.
All computer systems come completely packed with Windows seven that can be improved to your needs, and all come with the following functions pre-installed which creates for no rubbish installing after buy, just connect and perform.
some days ago i bought a computer. recently i was using the computer very comfortably. i am installed a charming games. but now when i open any file this is shown me format needed. so i want setup my computer. i can't do it. please anybody help me.
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