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A perfect summer starts here

Go to Kenya! here pleasant warm climate here have amassed a wide variety of exotic animals in the world, is one of the widest parts of the world, which is home to the equator the natural landscape and broadcast. Acacia tree packed upright on its hands in the grasslands, meeting visitors in all directions, with purple flower dedicated to tourists, under Kilimanjaro mountain and the flocks of flamingos was just there to tourists singing and dancing, Kenya will give to it the impress tourists, leaving the fantastic memories, enjoy.
Kenya is characterized by wide plains, rugged mountains, flat grassland steppe, most impressive biodiversity and stunning wildlife parks. Among the great spectacles of nature are the annual mass migration of antelope, zebra and wildebeest. But in addition to the attractions of the National Parks Kenya has to offer and huge coral reefs, huge dive sites and beautiful postcard beaches.

Million animals migrate annually over the planet, often they put it back thousands of kilometers. Your perfect sense of direction and the mathematical precision with which mobilized many of the animals are not only fascinating for scientists. Who can observe the massive animal caravan forget this spectacle is not so easy.

Kenya is situated in East Africa on the Indian Ocean and has borders with Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan. The coastal region, the average year-round temperature drops below 22 C. barely Inland plateaus and mountains dominate the picture. There during the European summer, temperatures can drop to below 10 C.

Safari tours are popular in Kenya and worthwhile. There are many national parks where big game up close can be observed in a Kenya holiday. The Serengeti is z.T. in Kenya is part of the National Park Masai Mara. Wildebeest, buffalo, impala, antelope and zebras roam in large herds in the Serengeti and attract predators and tourists. Who wants to see elephants, lions, giraffes and other exotic animals, is in Kenya right.

Tourism is an important pillar of Kenya's economy. Since there are no significant mineral resources, other money must be earned. Agriculture and engineering are the main sources of income, but for many years, is also a growing tourism.

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Crime rate is very high in Kenya, so if one makes travel plans, probably a good idea to use a very reliable travel agent who really knows Kenya. Otherwise you could land with a tour that may turn into something that is not that great. I doubt I'll travel Kenya for that reason. Tanzania also has a crime rate, but I'd feel much more comfortable traveling there, can also include Serengeti Park and Zanzibar. I've been to Zanzibar before and it's a great island to visit. Best time is June-August during the cooler months as there tend to be malaria mosquitoes there particularly in the hot months of the year.
Switzerland is famous and popular place for travel in all over the world. Generally people like to go in summer for travel and get more relaxation. Switzerland is hot favourite place for travel in summer.
A perfect summer is sitting on my night on the terrace, barbecue, make many small Tripps, and at least one extended vacation schedule work (this year it weider to France, this time as a family!), Do outdoor activities, sports, play outside with my kids , in the deer park, go in sandbox, as a swimming pool, meet with other moms and let the little romp together, ... etc. Everything outside is fun and not as good in the winter outdoors feasible.

A perfect summer means to me: sunshine, a day at the lake and just relax and do something for the whole family.
Summer ?? On my hemisphere .... see below Razz

... and we want to have MORE and THICKER ice.. Pray because of the Elfstedentocht

Very Happy Lx
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