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Top 20 Windows 8 Features


mathiaus: Removed copied content and linked to original article
Ahh, after reading this, it seems that there is really no real meat in this release.

2. Traditional Desktop --- This is absolutely no plus IMO.

And the rest seems more like a superficial upgrade rather than a new amazing OS.
It appears to me the biggest upgrade for Window users in this release is the capability of having it run on more varied hardware and lesser hardware than was required for Windows 7. This is what I would call the biggest upgrade, but is it really an upgrade or a downgrade? Either way, I am not sold on getting Windows 8 when I already have Windows 7 on one of my computers and rarely use the OS. Perhaps if there was a better reason to use it or a more appealing feature.
Useful information.
Thanks for the nice share.

Waiting for the big release. Wink
of course most of these features will be bypassed by users, like IE 10 which will be as useless as current IE Very Happy , by the way the most important feature added to this version is its touch screen capable which makes it an OS for tablets.
sysna wrote:
... , by the way the most important feature added to this version is its touch screen capable which makes it an OS for tablets.

I agree with "sysna" that Microsoft has developed Windows 8 primarily for tablets with touchscreens. However, it also works on PC, it works on a widescreen display as well as on a 10in tablet. But don't know that the most application we use on PC such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop and etc. support touchscreen feature or not yet.

I have been using Windows 8 release preview for a while now and I can safely say that windows 8 is gonna be the best OS after Widows XP. It will take some time to adopt with Metro UI but its worth it. Windows 8 is far better than Windows 7 in many aspect.
Personally, I am not liking the new changes. I will probably be skipping this version of windows and sticking with windows 7. Hopefully, they decide to add new features without forcing these touch features for desktop users. Click and drag down to close? Compared to a single click? Come on
didn't know Windows 8 was out yet
Thanks for the information. But isn't the change from Windows 7 to 8 too drastic?
Very good and informative sharing. Even it is unquoted copy-paste content from ComputerWorldUK Slideshow.
i will remain to windows 7. i find it comfortable in designing. I just need to upgrade my laptop to i7 or latest by next year 2013. Operating system just to operate nothing much special about windows 8.
A friend of mine 'upgraded', and the both of us were disappointed when I came over the same day and we tried it out. Meh.. swing and a miss. They made a huuuuge mistake in marketing, which is making their product match the styles of the current trends - minimalism yet complex animations of objects and varied colours. You see this style on so many websites and ads now, it's a definite trend. However, we all know trends don't last. Windows and Mac both set their own trends and stuck with them, however Windows has now taken a bold move in a direction which could have unclear consequences.

Apart from the visual changes, I really feel like the biggest problem is the disconnect between the metro interface and the desktop. They feel like two different OS in one, like some sort of app I am launching.

All in all, I think they could have made better use of great features, such as their HTML5/CSS3 app design, and used it to really emphasize the use of widgets and consolidate their OS.
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