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15 Best Songs: To listen to in the rain

After last week I assumed that we would get a break from the crappy weather, but it seems the weatherman predicts otherwise. I’m not sure about you, but I hate the rain. Gray skies, slushy shoes, and infinite tiredness; it’s a college student’s worse nightmare. There are few times that I actually enjoy the rain, but these songs help me keep in mind thos% few times. They help me feel okay when I get doused with a sudden shower on my way to class. For some reason, listening to songs about rain or songs that remind me of raindrops, I am more congruent towards this nasty weather.

15 Best Songs to Listen to in the Rain

Listen here

The Sound of Silence –Simon & Garfunkel
I Will Possess Your Heart –Death Cab for Cutie
Let Go –Frou Frou
Jesus Christ –Brand New
Spent on Rainy Days –Bright Eyes
Red Rabbits –The Shins %pASunset Soon Forgotten –Iron & Wine
When it Rains –Paramore
The Walk –Imogen Heap
Covered in Rain –John Mayer
Going to California –Led Zeppelin
Do You Realize? –The Flaming Lips
Raining on Sunday –Keith Urban
Lazy Eye –Silversun Pickups
And it Rained All Night –Thom Yorke
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