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A Hike In The English Lake District

You know you're unfit...when you tackle a mere 705 metre high mountain, and struggle on the steepy-uphill bits.
Went to the Lakes last weekend & did a bit of walking with my brother - we decided as the weather looked uncertain we'd stay below the cloud and go for the views from Pike O'Blisco, at the top end on Langdale/Mickleden.
The recent terrible weather saw water pumping from every orifice - this was near Skelwith Bridge, and is usually much more sedate, with a lot less water.

Anyway, we slogged up the side of said mountain, and finally got to the top, much to the relief of my legs...

My brother coming down off the summit cairn with Crinkle Crags to the left, and the much higher Bowfell (did last year with him) in cloud behind him.

More walker wollas on the hill's 2nd summit

After lunch on the top we headed downhill...and stopped a few times for me to fanny about with the camera. Bowfell behind me now below the cloud

Across the valley beyond our John, the stunning Langdale Pikes, which we did a couple of years back.

John looking into Langdale from halfway down...a cracking view from here

And back on terra firma, getting a bit arty old smiley 10

Haven't been up there recently went to Northumberland in 07 and did similar stuff though.
wellerchap wrote:
You know you're unfit...when you tackle a mere 705 metre high mountain, and struggle on the steepy-uphill bits.

Aw, don't feel bad... When it gets really steep, I have to stop and take breathers, even if it's only a couple hundred feet.
(But then again, I carry a 50-60 pound pack. ^.^)

Nice place you got there, anyway... though the general lack of trees still strikes me as very strange.
Here's what I'm used to,

Though even this is pretty light on trees because that closest hill face was badly fire-damaged.
I think Britain's so small generally that even the more "remote" places (though you're never much more than a few miles from towns, sadly) have been farmed/developed at some stage - and trees are a no-go for those activities. If we had dense forests though, the views wouldn't be as good, I don't think...and the grizzly bears would have somewhere to hide while hunting us down.
Very Happy
Josso - is that the bowder stone, near Derwent water?
Great photos Wellerchap. I missed them the first time round. Particularly like the first one with the gushy water. And that house to close to the water. Wow! Talk about high-risk placement. Very Happy
Oh man, those are some great photos. Exactly what I would imagine English lake country to look like. I can almost feel the crispness of the air and hear the sound of the wind as it blows across the land.
wellerchap wrote:
Josso - is that the bowder stone, near Derwent water?

Sorry didn't see your message. I think you may be right, all I remember is it's a different type of rock that all of the surrounding area. Something about being deposited by an ice sheet.
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