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I've created my first website and I ask for any feedbacks

In previous years I have read many books about HTML, DHTML, CSS and Javascript but I still had no idea how to start building my websites. I had real problem how to do design it but this January I have attended 7 weeks course (just 2 hrs in a week only) and I have had to create my own website so I have built it. It was really good motivation to start. I built the first version in the beginning of February and then I have gradually developed it by adding new pages and altering the menu and some elements of my website. Because we used weebly in designing so it was much easier to start.

Here is address of my first website This website is about restoring and colouring all sort of photographs.
Please give me any feedbacks about my website. I realize it does not look professionally yet and it still needs a lot of improvement.

After some time I have noticed a lot of limitation in improving pages so I have been thinking to start to build new website using only html and css codes by Dreamweaver for example but I can do it using another html editor. Now I am looking for better html editor with good html and css code validator.
I have still problems with matching colours for my websites and maybe I will steal some ideas from free templates or even I use them.
It looks great.
And having good layout.
Really nice effort at first attempt.
I'm a beginner in website building but I usually avoid editors for html, I only use geany that has nice code syntax highlighting to increase readability. Btw nice work. I have an android app that makes color pallets for you from a picture. Very useful. I think it was called true color or something.
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