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Wireless Network Adapter

I have a D-link PC-Card wireless adapter. But when I use it i only get transfer speeds about 2mbit. In windows it says that the speed is 52mbit and connections strenght is excellent. The working range is also quite bad.
Does someone knows whats wrong with it? I cant even stream a movie from the stationary computer to the laptop. If i plug in a network cable to the laptop i can achive speeds up to 80mbits.
how far away are you from the router with that 2mbit speed?


it kinda sounds like your pc card supports a higher speed than your laptop/router... idk...
even if i put the laptop next to the router it still gets the slow speed Sad
And the router is also a dlink capable of 54mbit. They where bought in a "package"
What is the setup you have? I know you have a router and the laptop with the D-Link card, but what else do you have? Also, where are you taking the reading that you get a 2Mbit connection from?

You can only connect with another device as quick as the connection of that device to the router. Also, if you are connecting to the internet, you are limited by your connection speed to the internet, and also the servers you are connecting to.
What type of router and wireless network card is it?
Is your wireless network card an 802.11a, 802.11b, or 802.11g?
Is your wireless router an 802.11a, 802.11b, or 802.11g?
it could be a 52 mgbit card, your 2mg is 16mgbit equivalancy. Windows explorer doesnt handle file transfer very well anyway in my opinion and on a 100mg network i find transfering i rarely get half that speed.
it uses the g standard of course. When i look at network load used at the stationary computer (wire to the router, 100mbit) it says that is uses about 2-4% of 100mbit.
The laptop and the router is the only "wireless" things that connected to the network. And my connection the internet is only 384 kpbs. Very Happy
starta wrote:
When i look at network load used at the stationary computer (wire to the router, 100mbit) it says that is uses about 2-4% of 100mbit.

I'm not sure that this is the best way of measuring the transfer speed. I think you would be better to put an application in place to monitor this. I'm not sure of any at the moment, but will take a look.

Try this...
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