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Moving Case and earthing

Hey people

I will be moving my system to a new case to facilitate my graphics card.
I was wondering if I should remove the CPU and its fan before moving the motherboard across and then reinstalling it in the new case (GPU and PSU dont matter in this respect as they are being replaced)

Also researching in earthing, some say plug it in but switch the rocker off, some say dont plug it in. Ideas and opinions please?

Thanks in advance
There isn't any need to remove the fan/heatsink unless you want to put more thermal paste on. They're securely connected to your motherboard, so there isn't any risk of them being damaged when you move to the new case. As for earthing, I personally leave it plugged in with the hard switch on off. I believe the logic for this is that there is still a connection to the ground pin, so any static will go through the case and into the ground pin instead of into any electronics. Along that note, you'll want to try to keep contact with your case when handling your motherboard, etc. This will make sure that any static you build up won't damage the electronics.
Thanks very much mate Very Happy
yes i think it is not needed too, by the way it is a good idea to take it out renew the silicon paste and clean the dust from heatsink using a blower.
yeah thanks, I've decided I may aswell renew the thermal paste, looking at a load'a youtube vids, doesnt seem like the most complex procedure around (lol), ordered the arctic 5 with the 2 step clean kit.

My processor is a Phenom II X4 955, would you reccomend I put the drop/grain of rice/pea or paste in the middle and let the heat sink flatten it? I'm not too comfortable with the idea..probably because i want to make sure its spread myself, I was going to do the use a card to spread the paste around method
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