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Everything went better than expected

I created this topic because I want to share a story, but I also want to know if something like that ever happened to you. I mean, a situation that you thought to be a disaster and then... It ended better than you expected!

Please, share your stories. I'll share mine later. Smile
Well, I can't seems remember that it ever happen on me or not.
Uhm, let me think.
I'm not really sure.
Yes it has happened to me, And I guess this sort of thing happens with everyone at certain point of time in their life. Once during my placements I was rejected by one of the companies, a year later it happened that that company went bankrupt and I felt lucky...
Police round today.

Everything went better than expected when I thought I was lost in a forest, asking myself where I should go I turned back and saw the way where I wanted to go at the beginning!
I had stuff that happened to me before, But I don't remember the stories!
well, I guess it happens to us all....sometimes we don't notice it but if we think deeper then we realized some mistakes will put us in the right path..

We should need sometime to reflect in order to see our lives way back.. I just remember in my high-school days where we have a recollection day.. it was really amazing.. experience is so good.

Very Happy
Always, many times when I face hard troubles but thanks God, I can pass them easier than expected, always better than I expected.

Such as, the worst flooding I have faced recently year. I think I must have time at least nearly a year to recover all my damaged but finally it took me just 4 months to cross over.

I think it's up to the spiritual at that moment time.

Ryox wrote:
I had stuff that happened to me before, But I don't remember the stories!

same here! The stories are sometime bad to post Laughing
well i guess, everyone must have gone through such situations at xertain point of time in life
but for many it may be just the usual....i am one of them as i start thinking the worse of certain situations...just to be prepared for the worse i guess....but most of the turns out to be better than here we go Wink
The funny thing about this topic is I don't remember why I started it... Oh well. Lemme tell another story...

I forgot my purse inside a room at my University and people locked the room... My keys, money, ID and PC were inside my purse so yeah... Luckily I didn't need any of the things inside my purse because we went to a bar to celebrate my friend's defense (she was defending her doctorate thesis) and paid for all the drinks. AND they didn't ask my ID (OK, I don't look THAT young, but we have a law here in Brazil that obliges us to show an ID in a bar). Since I didn't have my keys, I went to my friend's house and slept there. Everything ended WAY better than I expected!
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