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Dell Inspiron 1564 laptop problem, pls help!

I have a Dell Inspiron 1564 with Windows XP Pro, Intel Pentium 4.

When I plug in the A/C adapter, the battery will not charge and the computer will not boot if the battery is dead. If I charge the battery in another laptop and then put it in this one it will boot up, but only on battery power and until the power goes out on the battery. I have replaced the A/C adapter twice to double check the adapter being bad/good and have had same results with all of them. I have also bought a new battery as well with the same results. By the way, this battery was bought from I don't know if it's the battery's problem.

Is there an alternative to replacing the motherboard? Is there somehow I can charge the batteries without having to put them into another computer?
Have you tried bringing your Dell Inspiron 1564 it to a nearby laptop repair shop? If not, you should probably do so, so that an expert could take a look and diagnose the problem. The exact part that needs replacement will then be known, and it may not be the motherboard after all. Smile
I think you should first check these parts :

1. the power plug socket behind the laptop, if you can open it then open and see if the power goes through it because these sockets get destroyed very easily.

2. the power/charging circuit inside laptop, most of the times it is just a small circuit you may need to replace it.

after these two parts go for motherboard which is think is completely healthy as you can boot up from battery !
I tried to use my laptop on battery this morning but it wouldn't work. I am using Windows 7 and the icon box says

(10% available, plugged in but not charging)

Laptop works fine when plugged in to mauns.

I have had a look in the Control Panel but can't find any means of checking the LENOVO IdeaPad G570G Battery.

Although I very seldom work the laptop on battery, when I go to bed I usually put the laptop in Sleep mode, instead of cloosing down so presumably the laptop is using battery overnight to have the necessary power required in the Sleep mode. I switch off at the mains power plug.

I have been following this practice fairly consistantly for about 6 months or so, but occasionaly closing down completely.

May I assume that the battery is knackered? It was new when I purchased the new laptop last year.

Is there a way to check the condition of the battery, or whether there is a charging problem with the laptop?
For the OP. I would suggest making sure the power port and connections are still good, because it sounds like they may not be.

To computer21: You may need to re-calibrate or exercise your battery. Try recharging it to full and then running the battery completely out. It may have formed a "memory" in the battery that is being reported. It is possible for any battery to go at any point, however I would check to make sure it is not as simple a fix as charge completely then drain it completely and rinse and repeat a few times.
The first thing in problem solving a pc is to determine if it is switching on or not. This implies confirming that the automobiles is efficient and that the cords are effectively connected in.
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