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which is the cheapest domain register site?

godaddy or is so dear.
So far, the cheapest I've encountered is DomainRightNow(
I'm using it now.
www-1and1-com has very affordable domains. right now I think they have a deal for a .com name for $3.99 for the first year and then like $10 a year after that
Godaddy is the cheapest place to register domain names. Last .com domain I registered there cost me only 3 USD plus free .info domain. I don't know if that promo code works anymore but there plenty of other discount codes which let you register domains name for less than 6 USD. If there are any other Domain register who let you register domains less than that I would love to know. ( Apart from 1 & 1 , I'm not a fan of them)
codersfriend wrote:
So far, the cheapest I've encountered is DomainRightNow(
I'm using it now.

This seems to be the same place with Godaddy. I mean look at the site design and account login ? Shocked
cheapname and go daddy are both good when it comes to domain registration.
I like

Sometimes they have deals and sometimes not, but ive been using them for years now.
And i like that they are fast, easy to deal with. And their DNS hosting interface is nice to.
Since i now days dont have my own dns server Smile
as my knowledge ther are many free domain register site like "dot tk","",and so many.but if u want a famous domain then you have to buy from a lowest price website or provide domain at lowest price and they provide a good facility and customer service to manage the site.
Not sure what sites have the lowest regular price for domain registrations, but just keep a lookout for good deals and coupons. GoDaddy sells new one year registrations for $1.18 quite often. A few months back, Namecheap offered new registrations, transfers, and renewals for a dollar. Personally, I orginally bought a domain from GoDaddy then switched to Namecheap when they offered the better price (and added privacy as a bonus Very Happy ) . Next year I, once again, plan on going with whoever has the best sale.
These days you can get a .com .net .org domain from for 2.99 USD and you get a free .info domain along with it.
teenarose wrote:
I will suggest HostingRaja and sriganeshhosting Indian web hosting companies is providing cheap domain name registration for indian customers. I think it is the right and best place to get a cheap domain name.

Not to be rude or anything like that, but your post sounds a lot like a advertisement for Raja.
Also looked at Rajas webpage, 499r/year = approx 9USD (according to
In my eyes its not that cheap compared to others.

Maybe you are right, perhaps its a cheap place to buy domains and services from, or maybe its not.
I my self have never heard of Raja, but then again im no expert on hosting companies.

Well, there is one way to find out, and thats to try (but for me im happy with what i got so far).

I have been happy with these guys ( for a few years now. Sometimes good offers, most of the time standard prices i guess, but their site and tools work well.
Sometimes you can register the domain for very cheap but then it cost you double when you try to renew it next year. This is why it's better keep an eye on renewal prices too.
Never go for the cheaper offer. These are generally from small companies and you never know when they will be shut up. So please only register with big companies like GoDaddy regardless the price.
deanhills is a good company as well. Good prices and a good reputation for reliability as well.
There are many in the list but i would like to prefer goddady the best for registering domains, because it is easily accessible and domain lookup is not difficult in godaddy.
Pippo90 I never had a problem with them and, as their name suggests, they are actually very cheap.
I think Goddady is the cheapest, they give $1 domains quite offten
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