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Hi Guys,
This sounds like a good idea to get free hosting etc. I have had paid hosting from two different hosts and been shut down both times.
I have been trying to build a blog and about six months in to my first hosting I was up to about 200 visits a day. My host shut me down saying I was using to much bandwidth and wanted me to upgrade to a larger account, about $150 per month.
No way I can afford that so I shopped around for another host at a reasonable price. After I found one and explained my situation I was assured of unlimited hosting. Could not get the blog transferred. Tried everything from my limited experience. They would not help me and I spent a fortune on phone calls, international, to their support to no avail.
Eventually I decided to scrap the blog and start a new one from scratch. Wouldn't you know it, I was about six months in with a new blog and up to about 200 visits a day and they suspended me again.
I gave up not willing to trust another host with my money.
That is why I am here. What do you think. Will I have better luck here. Catch you, Nick[/i][/b]
Welcome to Frihost nickfyoung. I'm curious. How much bandwidth were you using when your paid host wanted you to upgrade to a larger account? Smile
Not sure what I was using. They just said I was using too much of their server space. I was running a basic Wordpress blog with about 200 visits a day and maybe 200 comments a day.
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