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IRC traffic question

I was just reviewing the terms of service and noticed that there was a clause stating that there is not to
be any type of IRC traffic on your servers.

I have an MSN set up on my website, which I am not sure if it falls under this category. Can someone who knows more please have a look ( and let me know if I need to remove this feature? (I don't want to lose my account for doing something stupid.)

Thank you in advance.

No not the same thing as all the real server intensive stuff is done by microsoft's servers not the page that the plugin is on. With IRC it's very resource intensive on the server. Not many hosting companies (even paid) provide IRC hosting.

If you ever do want an IRC channel you can get flash things to put on your site but the actual channel can be hosted on a mainstream irc thing like freenode. It's not your hosting actually doing the work if you see what I mean. Although as rules said "any type of irc traffic" not sure if that would be cool here.
Yes normally that should be fine. It's not irc.

The reason we forbid irc is simply that most/all datacenters we use forbid it themselves (so I don't have a choice). Probably because it's not good for their network.
phew... thank you. I really appreciate what I am able to get at Frihost and don't want to abuse it, even without being aware! I thought it would be okay, but no harm in checking. Thank you again Smile
Okay, Microsoft has now removed their hotmail features, which means I have had to change my support feature.

I've downloaded Livezilla and put it on my website as a live support button. Again, I still don't quite understand what IRC is so am checking to see if it is okay.

Because I only have the feature showing on my page when I am available, it's probably better for me to link to the website where I downloaded it from -

Is this permitted on my website? If not, can someone suggest how I can get a live support feature on my website like the hotmail hosted one?
I am thinking the LiveZilla I have installed would not be allowed, considering I had to set up data bases on the server for it :/

The more I read about it, the more I've convinced myself that it's not allowed. I've deactivated it (but it's still uploaded on my website). Until I know more. When I know, I'll either re-activate it (if it's allowed) or uninstall it (if it's not).
Guidance you need sth like a live chat software?
I would like something on my website where people visiting can ask me live questions if I am online. (and I'd like it to say that I am on or off line)
GuidanceReader wrote:
I would like something on my website where people visiting can ask me live questions if I am online. (and I'd like it to say that I am on or off line)

I have a similar question as well. Can non-IRC live chat services be placed on Frihost websites such as Xat or shoutboxes? Are those services considered a violation of the Terms of Service (TOS)? Will these services take up a lot of bandwidth or web space given the limited amount of of web space and bandwidth Frihost offers? Although it is limited, Frihost is still generous because you do not have to pay a single cent as well as more root access to the space on the VPS provided compared to other web hosts.
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