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Does this backup software exist


I like to backup to flash drives and keep them off site. (works for me)

I have drives for personal, programming code and business

Each Flash drive has its own folder on the Hard Drive.

I want to just plug the drive in and all new files in the hard drive folder that corresponds to that flash drive will upload to that Flash Drive.

Is there any software that does this or is close enough..

I wander of there is backup software that works with Flash drives..

Any and all comments welcome..

Does this backup software exist -


I am too lazy to do a research on such software right now but at the back of my head you can do this

by creating a simple batch command.


copy c:\foldertobecopy f:\foldertobecopy

copy paste the code above in a notepad save it as batch file
For example: foldercopy.bat (Note: make sure your not saving it as .txt you must choose all files then save it with .bat extension)

copy [your PC folder ] [your flashdrive folder]

Every time you want to copy your PC folder contents to your flashdrive you simply open the batch file.

You might consider the overwrite function. Would you like to overwrite all files when copying or would you like to be notified everytime?

by adding /y it will no longer prompt you to overwrite the files on your flashdrive


copy c:\foldertobecopy f:\foldertobecopy /y

so if you want to copy multiple folders at a time you just insert the copy command again.


copy c:\foldertobecopy f:\foldertobecopy /y
copy c:\music f:\music /y
copy c:\documents f:\documents /y

It's the same as copying and pasting the folders only this time you automate it by opening the batch

jdelfire: Sorry for the late reply..

Batch Files seem like a really good idea.

I wonder can you put any logic into a batch files you only backup new files or files that are not already backed up..
Linux has the "rsync" command which does a nice job of copying everything that needs to be copied and leaving the rest alone. There is probably a Windows equivalent, but if not you can always install cygwin and use rsync.

If you want to have two or more versions of the files, which is a good idea, you will need a better backup program. One possibility would be to use a version control system such as git, mercury, or svn. These may be overkill and may save too much data, since they keep a complete history of changes to files. Even with a version control system, I would still recommend having at least two separate memory sticks, each of which contained recent copies of all your data.
really many backup programs are available with schedule backups.

head up to go to the backup section and click on popular.
Synchronizing software is good choice for you.
Try this free synchronizing software.
This is a free version.
I may have found the Answer
Possum wrote:
I may have found the Answer

I've got to try that one.
my father in law has been nagging forever to get his files synchronized, thanks Possum Wink
SyncToy is a good choice ( for Windows users of course ). I use it for incremental backups to a network drive.

For each folder pair you define you have three types of SyncToy actions you can choose from:

* Synchronize: New and updated files are copied both ways. Renames and deletes on either side are repeated on the other.
* Echo: New and updated files are copied left to right. Renames and deletes on the left are repeated on the right.
* Contribute: New and updated files are copied left to right. Renames on the left are repeated on the right. No deletions.

I usually prefer the "Contribute" action since it doesn't sync deletions.
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