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Today is a great day for me,
i have posted 50t post today and still posting here.
i never knew posting was so much fun. though i am still slow in posting i can see that members here enjoy posting on every topic. and thats so great about frishost.
its the most active forms i have seen. my experience here is great.
To be frank frishost was the third free host service i had subscribed to. first two been bravehost and tripod.
i didnt even heard of php and cgi programming.
after seening the cpanel and fantastico i started learning all the contents in my free time so that i can take maximum benifit from them.
i could never imagine i would have created my webstore in just plain html.
i think my site is preety good for a new bee. though i am still learning and trying to make it much better than it is now but still i have recieved very good comments form my friends and collouges who have visited my site.
though i am not a professional web programmer now i think i should learn as much as i can and be one .

all people here can share their experience in frihost in this thread.
Two things,

1) You say you built, but the site is copyrighted by Zen Cart!

2) I'm supprised you find the .tk re-direct consistant enough to trust!
I removed my post .
Sorry .
i think those who create webstores use one or the other shopping cart only. the shopping cart i cucse is zen cart hence it is powered by zen cart.
The reason i have stated that i cant imagine how could i make my store in plain html is because i have tried them on bravehost and tripod and till then i didnt came across any shopping cart such as zencar or oscommerce.
and if someone feels i am spamming then please keep ur personal views with you only.
i have expressed my experience with frihoost and anyone who wants to share their experience here are free to do so. i am not here to prove that i am a very good programmer or web designer . thats not my profession though i would like to make it mine in future. i am happy doing my business and thats enough for me.
I send one post in frihost everyday! Smile
I joined up to get a gallery going on a site. Hope it works out. Keep everyone posted if so.
I have to say 3 words... I LOVE FRIHOOOOST!!!!!!
I love frihost!
I'm here from May ,12.
I think that frihost offers the best free hosting
All I can say is Frihost is great host.

I love it so much Smile
That kind of space without any ads is very rare, if not non-existant anywhere else.
Frihost is the best!
(Linux Geeks generaly enjoy free stuff very much)
lmao, the .tk is the worst domain forworder i know lol but yeah long live frihost, it rocks and owns all other hosts. boyeah
I post here,if i have time. some times i post more, some less.
This forum is good. everyday many people post here.
I love frihost! I often came here to read, sent the materials.
you can bearly find a hosting better than frihost, with 250M hosting speace, PHP, CGI and more tech support and the most important thing: No Forced Ads, I am really satisfied with my host~ and I will trust it~
me also send a post everyday haha Smile if not later the point will be deduce...
I'm still looking around at Frihost (still a newbie on this site but not on the net Wink ) but 'till now it seems fine.

Thanks Freehost! I saw I can even use my Perl-scripts here! That's real fun.

I really like frihost. It's the funnest place to hang out in, great forums, great community, great servers.
frihost is great. with a great helpful community that answers all your queries!!!
so far im liking frihost... it has been easy'ish and more less sneaky then other wanna be free web hosting sites... in which i have searched many... well mi experience so far is still begining for me.. but there's one thing i dont get... why do we need points.. like i understand u need them inorder to start the site up.. but why..?? i mean is there something im not getting... well maybe i should rea dmroe of the polocies and rules and stuff... Laughing .... well yeah that's all i wanted to say... good bye...
off course it's fun to be active on the forum
you can post what you want and see what others filling
they agree or disagree your ideas
Frihost = amazing.

I had a paid host that wanted me to go to their hosting instead of Frihost, but the plan (which costs $5 per month normally) he gave me free was crap compared to Frihost. So here I stay. Very Happy
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