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gym is good for health or not?

i heard many of wise person or doctor that gym is not good for health.can you tell me how much is it true and why?
Anything if done in excess is harmful to your body.
Exercising in gym always have specific pattern and help grow particular muscles and some parts of body are left out., so it creates some stronger parts and some weaker parts ., imagine a vehicle with some good parts and some bad., weaker sections tend to injure whenever overdone.
Second thing is its not natural exercise., imagine running on treadmill and running on a beach or in a garden., which will help your workout more. so always prefer a natural workout., Sport provides a natural workout also giving the fun factor.
I do yoga regularly which is a good exercise for Body as well as mind. I hope you try it once along with running exercise.
Well it's not a matter of going to the gym versus exercising outside or at home. The question is whether you are exercising AND whether you are doing it properly. If you don't practice proper form when exercising, you can hurt yourself. Never underestimate the power of bad form, it can be detrimental to the body

But if you're working out at the gym, or running or cycling or whatever it is that you're doing, then you're reducing your risk of heart attack/diabetes/obesity, you're getting stronger, you feel better throughout the day. If you practice proper form, and if you maintain muscle mass through exercise, you will age better

Exercise does not typically cause heart attacks/heath issues in normal, healthy people. People who are already at risk for heart attacks shouldn't do certain exercises. YOu would know if you were one of these people (morbidly obese, high blood pressure, elderly...etc)
I prefer gym instead of working out at home, as you have more modern machinery and instructors available in gyms, when you join gym you make your daily routine and work on it, that makes you used to it. You can burn more calories in gym using machines like cycling, thread-mil, twisting, etc. Gym has machines according to your will either you want to lose or gain weight.
Exercise is very good for health either going gym or doing out side. I use to go gym.
there are some benefits of doing exercise in gym like there are specialized equipment for precise muscle and trained professionals you can take advise from them.
outside exercise is also good as you are free do do what ever you want and not feel pressure to go fast
or lift heavy weight
in spite of all these things exercise is very important for health,it controls your weight and boost your energy and keep your mind healthy and fresh.
The gym practically saved my life. Years ago I was out of shape, gaining weight, on my way to having some nasty diseases, until I 'discovered' the gym and began working out. Now I'm in shape and I feel a big improvement no only in the way I look but also in the way I feel.
Since then I started going out more often and being more active, due to extra energy.

So yeah, if you're not being stupid in the gym and exercise properly and according to plan - your life WILL improve, guaranteed.

Just make sure your boss doesn't get mad at you for working less due to training, like mine does Rolling Eyes
I think that the only way gym can be bad for you is if you are a total newbie and have no idea what kind if exercise you need to perform and don't know which equipment you should work out on. In this case you shoul get someone to help you with it, such as a person who has a lot of experience and knows which areas of your body you need to excercise most. I think the best option would be to hire a personal instructor.
It is the best - until you can make the most of it ! Smile
Do it to believe it !
Gym is certainly good for health, if done properly. It gives many benefits if you want to become healthy and remain like that for long. But the minus point is, if you spend too much time or energy. Then, it could actually dampen your energy resources for the rest of the day. I hope this helps. Smile
Hypnosis is not an unsafe put into practice. Counter to ordinary myths, hypnotherapy cannot create people do things they do not want to do. Hypnosis is not about brain manipulation or brain control. As used these days it is an additional of a treatment technique for people with acute or chronic problems.
Everything can be dangerous.

I've noticed that the most important thing in exercising is watching your form. If your form isn't good, not only will your results be mediocre at best, but when you get into harder stuff, you can easily injure yourself.

If you watch your form then gym is the best thing to happen to man.
kmr_mukund wrote:
i heard many of wise person or doctor that gym is not good for health.can you tell me how much is it true and why?

well that depends. It will become bad if your body is too much fatigue or stress in the gym but if you just do it 3 times a week then it becomes healthier. Me i do a gym once a week and consumes only 15 minutes after that i play basketball for 30 minutes twice a week..

to sum it up always know your bodies limit.
Depends on what you are doing while you are there. Though one day of rest would be good. If you are lifting weights 7 days a week then, no. You'll depress your immune system as your body is trying to recover constantly. If you are alternating Weights one day with aerobics the next then that is good. So would just doing up to an hour of aerobics a day.
i think gym is good for young boys
Exercises are very good for your health, at home or in the gym that doesnt matter. What matters is if you do your exercise the bad way you will have injury wich is not good... Gyms are good because you almost always have someone that can guide you to do your exercises the way they are supposed to be done so you dont hurt yourself.

But you can train at home with no risk too, simply by reading books or web sites you can get knoledge from others so you do everything fine.
Hope this helps...Ciao
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