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Cruelty to animals, what punishment the guilty?

There are those who say yes but should not you consider cruelty to people?
Of course they are right on many levels but in a couple you almost feel more sympathy for the animal.
Basically every conscious entity should not have to endure pain.
I was once in the west indies as a guest of honor a pig was half killed in front of me,
I was almost sick but grabbed the poor animal and mercifully drowned it in a bucket of water.
Animals look up to us humans , almost with a certainty we will look after them but of course this gets abused.

What should we do to punish the guilty?
Punish them same on what they do on them. My blood boils everytime I see one in front me. I just look at them in the eye cause I hate violence. Evil or Very Mad
Probably plenty of education and trying to set positive examples. In many cases this kind of behaviour is learned behaviour following in the footsteps of the sins of fathers. Punishment is sometimes useless when the person has no sense of that he has done something wrong.
Well, If people hurt animals just as they do to human beings, they should have the same consequence as they do for hurting an animal.

If I was a judge, and the person killed an animal, like what they did to a human being that would be considered murder in my terms because Animals are just like us, they have a heart and feelings but they're animals they can't talk all they can do is listen and be affection towards us.

I would probably do the punishment of 2-3 months in County Jail or have them do Community Service. Violence is a bad thing to do against animals, especially cruelty against animals. I would take care of the animals like they were my kids and feed em like they should be!

Animals are a good part of Human Life and people just don't seem to realize that!!!

My favorite animal is a Dog because Dog's are affection! So are cats but you can't walk cats! >_>;
Actually on a positive note. One person I admired and has subsequently left a great Legacy is abchap called John Aspinal who left 2 beautiful animal reservations in the South East of England, much effort Is spent preserving close to extinction Animals.
I just did not want to dwell any more on people hurting animals.
Those that do are sadly ignorant surely.
Cosmoslayer wrote:
Punish them same on what they do on them. My blood boils everytime I see one in front me. I just look at them in the eye cause I hate violence. Evil or Very Mad

same here! I dont like doing bad things on animals
I as a kid was preatty mean to animals! but today I am very friendly...

My favorite thing was to upset ants on their walkpaths by easily striking them - the ant thought the guy behind was doing it and WHAM ant fights!!! Cool them kind of roll up into each other and bite...
Not sure about ants...
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