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Welcome to SIMP Cabal , the best cabal episode 7 private se

Welcome to SIMP Cabal , the best cabal episode 7 private server.
Join now and enjoy becoming the strongest cabalist that ever existed!Loads of new stuff and dungeons to explore,full customized cash shop, High rates and we are also open to suggestions for improvement!
This server is dedicated for gamers from Singapore , India , Indonesia , Malaysia and Philippines.
Hope you will all get along in the wonderful quest for power and wealth!
The website its :
The server rates are :
Exp rate : 300x
skill xp : 500x
SP : 500x
Wexp : 5x
AXP : 25x
Pet Exp : 20x

Drop rate : 30x + 2 DROPS PER MOB!!

The Server is full episode 7! There is no addon s or edited game settings like all the other cabal private servers that are episode 2 and edited the game files to add just new costumes and items.We got all the feature s and dungeon s of episode 7!We got :
- 4 slot ring
- new interface
- new upgrade system up to +15
- new enchanting system with scrolls
- all the new dungeons likes : Forgotten Temple b2f , Illusion castle b1f , Radiant Hall , Altar of sienna b1f , Altar of Sienna b2f , Forbbiden Island , Maquinas Outpost !Also all the new DX dungeons : Steamer Crazy , Lava Hellfire , Catacomb of Frost and Panic Cave!- we also got belt slot and belt drops!- good drop rate with perfect craft items in every dungeon- all the new items like Astral board K-Red , Mergaherp Ring , Leth Tyrant Ring , Lycanus Weapons , Drei Frame armors !
The cash shop its fully customized and you can find very good items in cash shop to make your journey easier!
The cash shop fee s and conversion its 10$ = 1000 cash coins!We also got nation costumes for only 25 cash coins each so every player can get an nation costume only by voting and not donating if he cant do it!
The server is new and its a high rate and fun server!We will also work constantly to add new updates and listen to all player s suggestions!
The server is hosted on a very good host in Malaysia and the lag its almost 0 because the host its very close to your countries!
The server its a long term server and its here to stay!
What are you waiting for?
Join now and be a SIMP(le) Cabal player or the Best and most wealthy person that every existed or will exist on this realm!
Again our website its :
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