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My Sonic Website

Come visit my website Sorry if somethings don't work properly yet I am building it.
not loaded prpperly
Yeah, I run into some problems trying to load your page also. Actually to be more precise, I couldn't load it at all, I closed the browser after about 2 minutes waiting for it to load. Try to fix that first
It loaded in like 2 seconds for me.
I don't know why you two were having problems.
Maybe it was the ad javascript?

A suggestion on the website, the background would look better if it was fixed.
<style type="text/css">
background-image: url("logo.png");
background-attachment: fixed;
background-position: 100% 100%;
background-repeat: no-repeat;

Overall the site's cool.

By the way, are you only doing current games for sonic, Because my favorite was the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the sega genisis.
oh now i see it ....change it its too big, the buttons are not good and the background 3 out of 10 sorry
Sorry, but that background is terrible, you can't read most of the text and it's a bit of a headache...
You should instead try to get hosted with FriHost, because there is no ads (on your site) & the ones on your site at the moment make it look ugly.
I don't particularly like Comic Sans & the font size either...
In particular don't have your text as an image, you have to try and make your page load as quickly as possible and as proffesional as possible.
sorry, but this is very very badly done.
think the design is for web sites way back when internet just started.

you got a long way to go...
I love the game pics, nice and big!

Keep it up, rome wasn't built in a day.
To be honest with you, I dont like it at all. You really should use a template or a better program.
This is my first website, so I'm not the best at it. But all of this input is good. I'll try to fix some of thoose problems with the loading and the background. I also haven't completly finished it yet so You probably won't find some of the older games.
Before you try to increase the contents, i would seriously recommend you try to make sure that your site is not too large browser. Nothing is more annoying than to have to scroll from left to right in order to be able to read the contents...

Make sure the width of the different frames etc doesn't exceed the usual number of pixels (which depends on the resolution you use)

My 2 cents
It loaded fine for me Confused
was just wondering is this a dreamweaver template edited!?
Frontpage is nice, but has few bugs Confused

My suggestion is that you should add same layout to all pages, then it would be nice Very Happy
You are doing just fine Smile but indeed, give all the pages the same layout, preferably the one of the index page Smile

I also see this: I have a resolution of 1024x768:

James Smile
Sonic the Hedgehog is a GREAT site theme. I had my own sonic shrine once upon a time. Fix your covered-up google ad, though, as that BOTHERS ME! Overall, 3 stars. Finish it, man! Gosh! Flippin' idiot. (just kidding... -_-)
good.Please continue to improve your site.
Won't load for me at all. Sad
It's me supersonic. My other account isn't working right now and I'm trying to get bondings to fix it, so I have created another account so that I can continute to post.
I just finished getting my forums section up. If any one wants to check it out and sign up that would be great. Just thought that I would give peoples a heads up.
If any one has any more reccomendation for my website pleaz post them here I really could use as much input as possible.
The main design isn't the best but I really like your forum design!!
Hello again, My real account is finaly working again. I have been working quiet hard on my websites forums section. I'm tying to get as many people to sign-up on there and start posting on there as I can. I request that anyone who is reading this checks it out. (and Hopefuly signs-up) Well at least look at it. The website is:
Sonic is awesome. Great job on the site. I like the picture gallery.
Hey, would you like a link to your sonic page once I get the Redux version of my site up? PM me if you do...
All works nice for me now!And it's not bad at all! And do not bother about the layout so much as the content is much more importent! KEKE!
I like your website. My only suggestions would be maybe just to get more creative with your layout. Put more pictures on it and spice up it's look a little bit. But all your content that you have is good though just keep adding more spice up your pages a bit and keep it up and I bet you could get a pretty good amount of visitors.
Hey, by the way...
I desperately need review writers for my site, so please PM me if you are interested... (video games, movies, electronics, etc.)
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My Sonic Site
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