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Plz help me, i m banned?

Hello, i am smjjwlmndl448 (username), and when i logged in today, it showed me a critical message:
You have been banned from this forum.
Please contact the webmaster or board administrator for more information.
Plz let me know why i have been banned from this forum. And if theres any way to unban my account?
Even i didn't got any warning..
I spent a lot of time awating for reply, any ones here to reply me?
Please resolve my question.
Please let me know why am i banned..
Please post a reply to this topic wheater it is possible or not to reopen my account.
If not, atleast please post something as i didn't get any warning informing that i am going to be banned on this forum...
Ghost Rider103
Well, have you read the Frihost Rules?

You were in violation of a few of the rules there.

1. We do not allow referral links.
2. We do not allow advertisement of other Free Web Hosts.
3. About 85% of your posts had links in them, which appear to be spam/ads.

Even if you didn't read the forum rules (which you are supposed to), you should have known about the referral links. I don't think I know of ANY forum that actually allows people to spam the referral links all over the place. That is a bit ridiculous.

It appears to me you are only here to spam your websites (or others) and your referral links. I'd say the staff member that did ban you was in the right as you were obviously in the wrong.

However, an admin is going to take a look at your case and he will decide whether or not your ban will be lifted. If the ban is lifted (that is a big IF), then your account will be highly monitored and if you post any sort of advertisement link or a referral link a permanent ban will be issued.

I'll let you know what the final decision is of the Administrator.
Thank you for th info. I jurt gone mad as i am 1st to this type of forum(who r offering free tld)...
And m absolutely sorry for spamming. I will always remember this rules and swear not to spam this forum.
Now its all up to you that will u consider me or not. I will never mind..
I am going to unban you and give you a final chance. If you break the rules again, we will probably have to ban you again.

Also going to -lock- this thread because it's resolved.
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