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multiple internet connection priority

I have a LAN adapter and a USB wireless internet connection. When both connected windows 7 always uses the USB. I tried changing the metric values but no luck. Let me explains the steps I took.

Currently automatic metric on all adapters.
LAN connected. ipconfig shows that it is connected to the correct ip/dns/gateway etc. IPv4 Route table shows Metric 24
Then connected USB. ipconfig shows USB connectivity then LAN in that order. Internet is now through USB. IPv4 Route table shows Metric 4249 for LAN and USB is 41. Gateway for USB shows "on-link". netstat -rn shows USBDEVICE on top.
Changed LAN metric to 5 and now the route table shows LAN as 9 (not sure why it added 4) and USB as 41. netstat shows LAN then USB. ipconfig shows LAN then USB.

But still connection is through USB. How do I know? Task manager shows utilization only through USB as well as speed is showing around 1mbps rather than LANs 10mbps.

How can I get win7 use LAN while USB is connected. I am just trying to use USB as a backup just in case I lose LAN connection. Please help!!

I thought i will make USB metric manually to say 10. But it says I have to reconnect for it to be effective. Currently USB still shows below LAN and still has 9 and 41 in the table.

Disconnected USB. Table shows LAN metric as 24 (Not sure why it got changed from 9 and setting got reverted by to automatic)

Reconnected USB. Now in the setting still shows 10 and the route table shows 11 for USB and LAN shows 4249 (settings shows 4245, 4 less))

For some reason restarting USB is resetting LAN setting when reconnected.

hmmmmm..... call your internet service provider to make things easy.. lol Very Happy
If I understand correctly, your USB wireless adapter is the default connection when you want your LAN to be the default connection when an ethernet cable is attached. This guide from Microsoft might be what you're looking for. When you get to the window that you can re-order your connections in, just move the wired connection above the wireless connection. If that doesn't work, the best suggestion I have is to just have the wireless adapter on your front USB ports so that you can easily remove it when you do not need it.
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