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The latest sci-fi action thriller from Ridley Scott is out in American theaters today. What were your thoughts after having seen the film, and do you think it deserves a sequel?
I am very curious to watch it because of Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender. Yesterday I watched Lawrence of Arabia and I can't help but notice the connection between David and Lawrence. David's appearance is clearly based on T.E. Lawrence's. Trippy stuff.
Watched it today. Trying not to spoil anything. But actually there are scenes that give you some clues on Alien film. Very Happy
rogue_skydragon wrote:

I wanted to watch this movie last Saturday but i think its not exciting movie-- is this a good movie? Any body saw it?

So, I decided to watch MAGADASCAR 3 -- really a good movie.. so funny and the graphics in IMAX 3D was so excellent.
Haven't seen it, but I do imagine that as far as anything deserves a sequel, it does.

If you set up the story, on principle it's nice to be able to finish it.
def. can't wait for the next part, will take a while to tie prometheus to alien , they sayd. wonder where the next part takes place.
saw it yesterday.....had heard that it was like a prequel to alien(s) series...but after watching it dont think it is...its a seperate theme altogether.....

i dont think it was at the hype it has managed to create....but still is an interesting watch....n m sure all the sci-fi fans wont miss this one...i myself have waited for its release since months!! ( i am a big aliens fan) and had watched it over and over!
I saw recently, the story is good obviously if you're a fan of science fiction, otherwise it would be very boring. I hope to soon see madagascar among other films especially "The Amazing Spiderman" and "Batman"
It sounds like something I would eventually catch and watch.
I think the story is real sci-fi. And all those elements explaining the origins of everything Wink they simply rock.
I watched it yesterday.
It was nice.
My Rating 8/10 Wink
Can't wait to obtain DVD, when it comes out. Need to look at promised extra 30 minutes of other scenes.
I think too many sci-fi movies seem to be about aliens in some remote way or the other. Sure, there's imagination galore out there but I'm afraid they seem to have hit a rut Wink
So nothing seemed new about Prometheus to me (unless you're a huge sci-fi buff)
I haven't had a chance to watch the movie either. I'm bit bored to goto cinema and thinking about wait for the DVD.
i liked the movie, all the most because i like the alien movies
Still got this on my mind, I really like the film. The colours were great and the design - something missing compared to previous alien films (yes I know they are not part of official canon or what they call it).
Why oh why you rush into it? This whole movie lacks basic intelligence.
Anyway, I've enjoyed watching additional videos from new Blu-ray - quite much of bonus material. And some making of-s as well.
I really want to get it on blu-ray soon!
I have not watched this movie till now, but I saw a few parts of it at my friends place. But I was too busy traveling to have time to sit and watch any movies. I will watch this movie soon I guess.
rogue_skydragon wrote:
The latest sci-fi action thriller from Ridley Scott is out in American theaters today. What were your thoughts after having seen the film, and do you think it deserves a sequel?

very cool graphics, lame story

very common in Hollywood today
awesome graphics - not a very good end - but have a good story line (for sci-fi fans)
if they'd shut up about the "Alien" link before the film's release, the ending would have been a nice twist. Decent film, but nowhere near as good as it was made out to be.
this was going to be as good as bladerunner but no
I would give it 7/10 mainly for graphics which is superb. The trailer was lots more better than the movie I think. xD
Yeah they love editing trailers so that they can be very eye-catching and then they surprise you by less interesting plot. But yes, the graphics are really stunning.
Yeah looks like an alien film that doesn't feature alien much .. except in the ending though Smile
Prometheus was a visually stunning, awful movie. I'm a big fan of Ridley Scott's cinematography, but whomever wrote the screenplay should probably not work in Hollywood ever again. The characters were INCREDIBLY stupid. The plot was shallow and had a lot of holes. A major disappointment in my opinion.
I hope there would be a sequel. I didn't understand all the criticisms; to me, it was a wonderful movie. Razz
Pippo90 wrote:
I hope there would be a sequel. I didn't understand all the criticisms; to me, it was a wonderful movie. Razz

Ditto! I saw it not long ago (I believe it was a month ago) and I loved every bit of it. I tend to enjoy movies with strong women as protagonists and this wasn't different. I'm with Stephen Hawking: if there's intelligent life out there, we shouldn't try and contact it.
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