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Sri Lanka one of the most beautiful travel locations

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful Destinations for travelers in the world.

popular as the Perl in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has a Rich Culture and a documented history of more than 2500 years.

the natural biodiversity and the landscaping in this Island attracts visitors from all round the world.

with drastic weather changes in a two hour travel by a car helps you to relax the way u want in your preferred weather conditions. Hot, Cold, or normal weather conditions. surrounded with beautiful sandy beaches and natural rainforests in the middle of the country adds value to the beauty of the Island.

the historical places to visit and the hospitality that you can enjoy keeps a small memory in every visitor that they must visit this Magical island a anther day in life.
Sri Lanka is a tropical island country located in the Indian Ocean off the Indian mainland. The country is also known as the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean'. Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise with year-round warm weather and ideal for traveling.

A holiday in Sri Lanka is, above all, peace, vast landscapes and exploring the stunning natural environment. This nature of Sri Lanka appears in the rain forests, mountains and miles of rocky plateaus, in the rich fauna, the mountain forests, scrubland, the palm-covered beaches directly on the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka is an island with a varied nature, which can be discovered on vacation by hiking through the countryside. Sri Lanka is next to the idyllic secluded beaches and green landscapes and culture and history.

This way, the Sri Lanka the visitor on a trip also many historic sites and remarkable religious and cultural sites that tell the visitor of a millennium old stories. How about the numerous temples, statues, historical royal cities, monasteries, the ancient caves with historical Steingravierungen or the natural monument Sri Maha Bodhi. This monument is the oldest tree of Asia and is also a popular pilgrimage destination of many of the faithful Buddhist faith. Also, some UNESCO listed sites can be visited on the island.

For a holiday in Sri Lanka there are many good and comfortable accommodation, as a few centrally located backpacker hotels, big hotels right on the beach, vacation homes in the jungle or small apartments in the heart of the country. Some provide organizers of tours to explore the country. The island state is reached via the airport near Colombo, the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake, easy and convenient. Sri Lanka means 'Happy Land'.
I have visited sri lanka 3 times now, its mostly work combined with vacation sort of trips.
I have been to Columbo, Kandy, Dambula and Negombo.

Indians constituted a lot of the tourists to Sri Lanka. maybe even the majority because of its proximity.
Also both countries being Cricket crazy, have a lot of matches played in both countries.
This year, the number of tourists from India are expected to reach an all-time high due to the International Cricket Committee's Twenty20 World Cup being held in Sri Lanka.

Maybe i will also go to watch if india reach the finals.

If you are a Photographer or just a nature lover, sri lanka offers amazing natural beauty and scenery for all travellers.

Although India and sri lanka maintain good relations, The Sri Lankan immigration has requested people travelling to make sure that they apply for the right kind of visa ahead of commencing journey to the country.
A trip to sri lanka's villages is highly recommended, to get away from all the crowd and pollution of cities!
Srilanka is beautiful country and small country last time im there in colombo,
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