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Gizmondo, anyone ever heard of it?

Have anyone ever heard of a new console named Gizmondo?
It seems rather cool...using GPS and all.
Check it out!!

This is what they say about it:

"Gizmondo sets the standard for mobile gaming. With 400Mhz of processor power, a state of the art graphics chip from Nvidia and a huge, high resolution TFT screen, Gizmondo totally outclasses all other mobile gaming devices.

Built-in GPS technology allows players to discover the true meaning of mobile gaming. Some of the most exciting, innovative and interactive experiences the gaming industry has ever seen are currently in development.

High quality multi-level games can be installed through an SD card or downloaded remotely via the mobile phone network.

Unlike other mobile gaming devices, Gizmondo puts you in total control with an eight-way D-Pad, left and right triggers and four face buttons."

The game "colors" seems cool, you move around in the real world to collect zones of about 100 (m2), and when another person with colors walk into your territory your Gizmondo starts beeping and you have to place your thugs in defensive position, and if your attacking someone elses territory you have to fight the thugs in a realtime 3d battle on your gizmondo. Seems rather cool.....
check it out!
Boles Roor
Wah, I've seen the thing, and I'm not impressed at all. It's got crappy games so far, no support from most devolopers and the thing's ugly. It looks like a shroom.

And the price is riductious.
yea ive seen it at a couple of places. havent tried it yet.

cant say that its any interesting though, with all the lack of gamesupport. then ofcourse, all i want in a gameconsole is to be able to play games Wink.
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