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A person who won't read has no advantage over 1 who ...

(Twain) says that person who is literate but don’t use the power of education is same as the one who is illiterate. They both come under the same circle.

Educated people are no better than uneducated people if they decide not to put their education to good use. Education as a privilege that is not available to everyone. Only a lucky few are able to afford education while a large percentage of humans are not able to do so. According to the author, even though educated people are so privileged quite a few of them do not put their education to good use. Even though they are individuals with vast knowledge, their knowledge remains unused. Such individuals are no better than people who are unable to afford education.

Reading is something which is fun to do and also helps us to gain knowledge. Even after being able to read if we do not read then there is no point in having that skill. After completing my graduation if I don’t do anything to serve the society then what is the use of my being graduated. And if I use education that I have earned through my graduation to teach the person who are unable to get education because of their poor economic condition, that definitely is going to help the society to improve.

People should put their hard earned knowledge to good use and help improve this world. They must put to use the advantage they have over uneducated people. There are many humans in this world, who shed tears for gaining enough education to make themselves to be able to read and write their own names. These people are some of the poorest in the world. For them being able to afford three meals a day is like being in heaven and compared to that education is a highly luxurious good for them. So we can see how well off we educated individuals are. Even so we curse education and reading. Let’s take the example of modern day youngsters. In urban areas many of the so called “youngsters” are sons or daughters of rich parents. Using their parents’ money they get educated at reputed universities and then spend their days doing nothing but living on their parents’ money. Their education becomes a complete waste of time. On the other hand, there are many youths in villages who are extremely bright but are unable to achieve higher education simply because they cannot afford it. But if education was made available to such people not only would they excel in it but also use it to make advancements in today’s world. But since they remain uneducated they cannot achieve such big goals. So it is clearly seen that some of the urban educated youths are in no way better than the poor rural youths who cannot afford education. In fact the urban you ths are far worse since they are just wasting their parents’ money in the name of getting education.

I agree that education and reading are incredibly important, but I think it's a stretch to say that people can't achieve great things without them. I just think it becomes much harder and more unlikely. Our textbook intelligence isn't the only thing to value inside of the human brain, but it is one of the most obvious things.
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