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DooM The Movie

omg people i saw last day DooM The Movie
it so cool
more info about movie + trailers you can found on offical website
It looks like a good movie kind of I proberly wont go out of my time and see it I proberly only might see if if all the other movies are boring. I might just wait for it to come on on DVD and them watch it then.
on the movie do 10 minutes like in game you go whit gun but real Razz
whery nice movie promest you
Doom is a movie I will probably wait until it comes on cable to see. Loved the game but games rarely translate to a good movie and vice versa.
I just saw this with my girlfriend last night, OMG it was so gruesome but it was her choice so I didn't argue lol. 5/7 main characters die, just not my kind of movie but if you like that stuff go for it. Confused
Isn't it Uve Boll (or something like that) whos going to manage this movie.
I am from Norway so I'm not sure about my writing Embarassed
Uwe Boll(what a funny name) is Directing many movies adapted from Game's but DOOM isnt one of them
Here's the IMDB link for a list of his movies
i saw a trailer and its looks like a sequal to alien so it might be good Razz
havent seen yet might have to see in theatres cause normally i download bootleg copies of movies but this one came as a bin and cue file and i cant burn them with my dvd-rom so that suckes
From the looks of it, this movie won't hit the big screen in sweden - at least not in a near future, it might pop up early next year or something. I'd like to see the movie, plainly because I like the DooM games and their dark mood. Well, DooM3 is an exeption, I guess, it had nice graphics and it's dark all that, but it just wasn't DooM...

Otherwise I guess I'll have to wait for a dvd-release.. Sad
S3nd K3ys
I'll have to wait til it comes out on DVD. I can't go to movies, I always fall asleep. Wink
I didn't find the trailers for the movie looked that great, I don't mean graphically, but acting and such.

I'll still probably go see it because the game did revolutionarize RPGs. However, I think the only way you'll probably enjoy a show like this HAVE to see it where it was meant to be seen and that's on a ginormous screen with crisp surround sound and a couple snacks on hand! Laughing
Don't think I will ever voluntarily watch this movie. From the trailer and what I've read it sounds like yet another routine Hollywood action movie with big explosions, poor acting and no plot.
From the trailer, it looks interesting enough. I thought it was going to be horrible, but it doesn't look too bad. The first person perspective from the trailer looked cool.
I played all the DooM games from the beginning they rock Twisted Evil
So i hope this movie rocks also
althalus wrote:
From the looks of it, this movie won't hit the big screen in sweden...
No, silly me. It's due to hit the big screen on Nov 4th... Hopefully I'll find someone willing to go to the movie with me - I'm not going alone.

Or I'd have to wait for the dvd.. Either way, I'm gonna see it!

Edit: And why the heck is there a second doom-thread, with the same title (only caps differ the two).. Rolling Eyes
Well I'll watch Very Happy
i will see it soon
i so cool i like it
it is a good movie
What a ****** joke. It doesn't stick to the game, it has the ****** ROCK in it, it looks like a cheaper version of Resident Evil but even more boring, and overall it looks like such a shit film.

Why do people like it??????????
I hope i am going to see it soon Very Happy
I saw it 2 days ago. And got dissaponted a bit. Was expecting more blood and violence. I hate that every horror movie ahs to show stuff in dark. I want to see them...not theyr shadows. I want to scream and to get scrared so i piss in my pants. Doom- was more like funny then horrifying. Only the scene with the Game mode was good,the rest was blurry.
I've watched half of the move yesterday - today I'll watch the rest...
(damn bed, every time I tried to watch movie in bed, for about 20-30 minutes I slept and wake in the morning with film palayed for 5-6 time - looping in Media Player Crying or Very sad )
sp_lit wrote:
What a ******* joke. It doesn't stick to the game, it has the ******* ROCK in it, it looks like a cheaper version of Resident Evil but even more boring, and overall it looks like such a shit film.

Why do people like it??????????

Have you seen it? Yes, some stuff doesnt stick with the game but a large majority sticks with the game (Yes I thought that at first). I really enjoyed it and it really messed with your mind (In a way). I reccomend it and you should really see it!
digibluez wrote:
I hate that every horror movie ahs to show stuff in dark. I want to see them...not theyr shadows.

The idea behind this is to scare you more. It's difficult to make something you can plainly see on screen scare you nowadays... ends up more, "oh look, a big, ugly cgi/puppet monster *yawn*".

Putting it in the dark tends to bring out a more primal fear... like when kids think there's monsters in the cupboard or under the bead, and almost always only after the lights are turned out.

For me it's definately more scary to think that there is or could be something moving around just where I can't see it, have no idea what it is and that it is most likely to rip my head off when I'm looking the other way. Twisted Evil

With regards to the film itself though... not the worst film I've ever seen, but to be honest I don't think I would have missed not seeing it. My worst gripe is with some of the dialogue seeming extremely forced, not just the content lines, but also that they just seemed to fill in some random swear words that didn't really fit. I imagine they felt they had the rating and needed to use it.
DOOM - The Movie 4 this man...

DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON (Sarge, in this movie) has solidified his position among Hollywood's hottest leading men. His co-starring role in Universal's The Mummy Returns first brought him to the attention of the entertainment industry, and his starring role in The Scorpion King broke box office records with the biggest April opening of all time.

See these:
one of the greatest movie that i saw !
i don't watch but i want.
when i download it for net i will watch it:))
GTA wrote:
one of the greatest movie that i saw !

Seriously... watch more movies, man! Very Happy

Ok... so it wasn't the worst movie in the world. It didn't make any pretenses about trying to be something it wasn't - a brainless action flick. I hear even the SFX magazine rather liked it.

But great? Even good is pushing it. It's a mediocre film you can chill back with some mates with a few beers (assuming legal age of course) to and have a laugh about how stupid some of the clunky lines are and how silly the laughing monsters in the first person shooting bit is.
One of the worst movies i saw, honestly. And whats more it didnt stick to the game at all, i mean guys here that told the opposite prolly never played Doom or i dont know what they were babling about. Yea its on Mars but thats where the similarity ends, they cut out the whole HELL idea from the movie, dunno why maybe couse religious ppl wouldnt go to see it. So instead they turned it into a zombie flick, what a shame, even Alone in the Dark was better. No demons here, no lost souls, nothin from The Doom, just a couple of stupid zombie like creatures that were infected, its totally different than the game plot/idea.

If u want to watch another dumb action movie where they kill mutants couse another cliche mutation reason then go on, u will prolly like it. If u r hardcore Doom game fan, or like movies with brains and atleast some acting talent in them just avoid this movie at all costs, thats all i can say.
Judging from the general age range and comments left, I'd guess that when most people here refer to the game Doom, they mean Doom 3, rather than the originals of way back.

I've not played Doom 3 myself, partially because I don't have a pc that could hack it, and partially because, from all I've been told, it's not really worth playing for more than 10 minutes.

However, from what little I have seen, it appears the film does mirror this game closer, if not in strict storyline, then at least in look and feel.

And also possibly because it's not really worth watching for more than 10 minutes unless you really are bored. Twisted Evil
I saw the movie yesterday and I feel I missed out when I didn't see it in the theater. Wink I liked it much more than I thought I would, even though a few things bugged me a bit. It was a bit too dark, as mentioned before, and "Sarge" pissed me off a bit. Wink

It's funny, I didn't like Doom3 that much, but when I saw the interior of the lab in the movie, it felt like it finally found it's place.

The five and a half minute 1st person scene could have been scrapped though, felt way too scripted for my liking.. And like they said in the extra material, since the movie is in wide screen (compared to the 4/3 ratio on your average computer screen) it feels like you miss out on a lot every time he waves his gun up to cover half the screen.

I'd rate it 6/10.. Smile
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