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Hi please post-need your help

Hi everyone-i need you to name here or give a link to a software for copying flash movies from websites, i really need to copy a specific flash movie and i cant- i traied HTTrach program-it copied the whole website but not the flash movies Sad

thanking you in advance-Eking. Razz
The best one i know of is Source Tech SWF Catcher by Sothink. I think its available to download on trial from Mainly with flash websites the main video that you will capture will be the nav file so you will have to decompile that and get the name and address of the other files. Then you'll have to put them into your browser and capture each one individualy.
Well, I usually just look in my IE's Temporary Internet Files (or) cache folder for .swf files.

Exclamation NOTE - You must load the site up and let it finish loading completely before you can do any of this.

(In Windows 2000/XP, the files & folders are located in C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USERNAME\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files)

You can also right-click on your Internet Explorer icon on your desktop, choose "Properties".
Then go to the section labeled Temporary Internet Files and cick the button marked "Settings".
On the Settings page, you should see a button marked "View Files". Click it.
Bingo - There's your Temporary Internet Files folder!

Arrow Tip- you should go up to View in Windows Explorer ---> Explorer Bar ---> Folders. You should then see on the left side of your screen a separate frame that contains another folder under Temporary Internet Files called Content.IE5. You'll want to look through all of those folders for the .swf file you want, as well.

Generally, if you display something on a webpage, it gets put here.
If you can see it on a webpage, chances are it's setting on your hard drive.

If you cannot sucessfully find the Temporary Internet Files Folder on your own, try this method - After you've completely loaded the page where the Flash file you want is on, shrink the website window down. (Don't close it!)

Do a Search (as in Start Button---> Search ---> For Files or Folders) for .swf.

You should find what you're looking for in your browser's internet cache folder. Wink
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