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How many times you watch the same movie again and again?

How many times you watch the same movie again and again?

Some of my friends, if movie was nice they will watch it atleast three times in a week.
But I will see it only one times.
Then watch it again after 3 month if like.

What about you?
i just watch movies only one time.. if its great them them mostly three times in a week.. then i don't watch that same movie..
Generally I avoid watching the same movie multiple times in a row.

Generally. If it has commentary, well, that's a different story.
If it's REALLY good I'll watch it again with my mates soon after but usually it's got to be at least half a year.
Normally only once. But I have some problem with the movies after a while (few months) I do not remember anything that happened in the movie. And watching it is almost like watching a new movie unless if I already watch about 3 times then yes remember the film. But it is very difficult to occur due to lack of time.
I watch it once at the theater, and maybe when it come on DVD if it was good enough! The only movie I saw twice in a theater was Lord of the Ring the two towers!
The movies I like I watch whenever I can, through DVDs, or TV-reruns. There have been movies I watch only once.
I'm a fan of horror movies and some horror movies I watch again and again.
i watch one time only.. after that i fall sleep while watching.. lol
I don't like going to Cinema a lot So I watch movie DVD's most of the time. And there are couple of movies which I have watched repeatedly.

1) Star Wars - I have no idea how many times I have watched it.
2) God must be crazy 1 and 2 - Another 2 movies which you can watch for second time and enjoy.
3) Some of Jacky Chan movies.
I will watch the movie one time.. if the movie impresses me no matter how many times i will watch it until i get bored..!!
I can watch some movies over and again, without being bored. There are only few such films, for example, I can watch 'Black Hawk Down' two or three times a week. I can remember most situations or even dialogs, faces of actors. However, that makes me no problem, I watch the movie from very start to ending subtitles.

However, most movies I hit nowadays are not worth seeing even once, unfortunately...
I have watched Back to the future tons of times and there are some other films with same luck. If it's a memorable film - why not. Smile
Depends on the movie really. I've seen the original Star Wars movies probably hundreds of times.
I'll have to agree, depends on the movie. Although, I won't watch a movie more than once in a week, unless I've just watched it and wanted someone else to see it and I happen to see them that week and we watch it together.
300 is my most favorite movie and i love to watch it again and again.
Depends on the movie, If it awesome many many times, if it lame... Im lucky to even get through it.
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