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Human can be 300 years old?

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Human regeneration can be 300 years old? Regeneration because of the higher animals

Human regeneration can be 300 years old? Regeneration. May 25, First International of Burns Conference held in Nantong, Jiangsu, due to the higher animals. Life scientists Rong-Xiang Xu for the first time officially announced recover the scientific system of human regeneration, in his conference speech, said the higher animals with regeneration, everyone has to rejuvenate the regenerative mechanism, the length of human life to 300 years.

Day, life scientists, director of the Beijing Pinnacle Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Professor Xu Rongxiang "regeneration of the human body to recover scientific applications Report" at the meeting. He said that the higher animals not only regeneration, and even stronger than the lower animals, evolution more precisely, its regeneration potential will be more and better.

Xu Rongxiang committed to the invention and popularizing of the moist burn therapy, while committed to the regeneration of human life recovery scientific research. Current MEBO International Group Chairman of the Board, director of the Beijing Pinnacle Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Director of the Technology Centre of the Chinese Journal of Burns, "MEBO editor for granted by the State Council in 1991, the outstanding contributions of scientists. Rong-Xiang Xu has won the Paris International Exhibition of Inventions granted of MEBO special certificate of honor, the burn victims of Foundation awarded the "Humanitarian Award", awarded the "Elite Achievement Award by the Pan-Arab Conference on Burns and Plastic Surgery", granted by the United Nations International Peace Contribution Award Arab countries to grant the "Science Honor Award".

Rong-Xiang Xu introduced at the meeting said, the body regeneration potential discovery from the burns, he first discovered the regeneration of cytokeratin 19 cells (skin cells of the ancestors), is relying on this ancestral cell to grow all of the skin, adipose tissue , subcutaneous tissue regeneration to recover a skin. Later, the use of this discovery and successful implementation of regeneration in situ recovery of tens of thousands of cases of distal finger, thereby laying the foundation of human regeneration recovery of the scientific system.

Rong-Xiang Xu said that the body regeneration to recover the scientific properties of the scientific system, to put it simply is not normal organs into normal organs, and then reuse the regenerative cells to replace the aging cell, aging organ recovery for young organ. The method is very simple, eat dinner will be renewable material, and then biomass energy to start the regeneration potential of the human body, and then train the body's regenerative cells, regenerative cells function is to compensate for and replace the defects and ills of human tissue cells, to achieve regeneration recovery.

Rong-Xiang Xu said that his human regeneration rehabilitation science, there has been the result. First, animal studies, based on age 300d male rat experiment, renewable material from the first 300 days of feeding, rats fed recycled substances three times the age, and 2 times the age of life when aging.
and how old is this Rong-Xiang Xu ?
Bull shit. people can not live more than 160 years , only if he is a monster.
orangbaik wrote:
and how old is this Rong-Xiang Xu ?

he was born in 1958, now he is 54 years old...
CherryO wrote:
Bull shit. people can not live more than 160 years , only if he is a monster.

=..= .... oh shit.
No one knows how long someone can live for. I suppose if we weren't subject to a lot of the things which we are in today's world, we might be able to live that long. Exercising, eating healthy and living a simplistic life could possibly make it realistic, but that wouldn't happen with all the radiation and microwaves as well as pollution we have today. Plus the likes of the food sources we are subject to.

It is a good topic though
just read it somewhere: Rabbit jumps lives 8 years, dog walks lives 15 years, turtle do nothing and lives 150 years.
Nice post. But can we live so long. Its all in genes. With age stem cells which are the reconstruction blocks of body go on dying. Unless we could decrease or slow our inner clock we cannot live longer. or if we could keep our stem cells from dying or replace them then we could go on living longer.
Only people of the time of Prophet Adam and Abrahab were of long ages i.e- up to 900 years. Now it is not possible to live so long
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