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Problem with a MySQL database

Hi frihosters, I have a two mysql database but as far as I know I only made one. The scenario is this- I created my database with a starting name of 081508 but now I have another one( which is in use) 030812. Is this a hack? or what would cause this? I am sure my database is 081508 because I manually put it in a wp-config.php. But now when I checked it it uses the 030812 which I didn't created. Admin Bondings kindly look at my files.. Thanks

*Recently I am receiving a lot of notifications from Better WP security of lock outs because of many wrong log ins and I immediately ban their IP. I know they can use many proxies. Please help I'm very worried. Thanks
Yes you indeed have 2 databases and I think that the 03 one is being used (as you mentioned).

Also normally if you don't use the same password for DirectAdmin as for the database, then a hacker/script should not be able to access your DirectAdmin account. And a database should only be possible to be created within DirectAdmin. Also you can check the login history in DirectAdmin (although it seems only the last part, it's in the statistics/logs: user history) and I don't seem any suspicious ip address.

Are you sure that you didn't create that database, especially due to the similar name? In this case a hacked account seems unlikely unless some of your files are compromised or similar.

By the way, I suppose it is normal that you get a lot of attempted logins the more popular your website becomes. As long as you have a decent password and you keep WordPress up-to-date, there is usually nothing to worry about.
Thank you Admin Bondings for always being there to help. I'll soon make a blog post regarding frihost and tell how wonderful this site is. Thanks!
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