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What are the animals in your neighborhood?

Do you see animals in your neighborhood? What are these animals?
I live in the middle of a city so the only animals we see are are pigeons and the occasional rat d:
There is a lovely park nearby with a big pond full of ducks Very Happy
Oh, and people walking dogs.
Yeah me too. Tons of pidgeons in the city and sometimes stray dogs and cats. Not much of a different from every other city. Also, lots of homeless people.

Red kites
I live next to a canyon and partial forest, and we used to have the occasional coyote and lots of deer (I should know because my dad almost ran into one on the road before.)

It's all been developed/industrialized tons since then, so now I guess all we get are pigeons, crows, lizards, and the like.
Well, my old place had scads of deer and turkey all over the place...

But my new place only has the occasional coyote, and supposedly elk, though I haven't seen one yet.

...Oh and both places had horses.
I'm in a pretty big city (for my standards. Piracicaba has half a million inhabitants) and still I'm surrounded by wild animals. I see cows everyday (since that's the main reason I'm here), Nelore and Holstein cows (two very different breeds, mind you). Here you can see [url=]micos[/url] (they're very small monkey-like creatures), capybaras, nasuas (they look like raccons)... Also here we have lots of falcon. I really love this place. Very Happy
I also live in a city and see mainly dogs, cats and pigeons.
I've seen deer, beavers and coyotes.
ocalhoun wrote:
...Oh and both places had horses.

Inlcuding Jay!!!!
Here, I have a lot of different animals. Rabbits, squirrels, occasional deer and coyote. Birds - finches, robins, doves, black birds, cardinals, blue jays, humming birds, hawks, and owls. Some bats too.
Dogs, cats, some birds, an occassional cow and goat
I live in the city so I see pidgins mostly. But also dogs and cats depending on where in the city I am exactly. I even saw someone walking their pig once, which was one of the stranger things I've seen.
this beaky dudes happened to pop out in some trees a while ago,
My most of neighbors are the bird and dog lovers. Cats are not considered as a lucky one so they avoid the cat adoption. Parrot is favorite bird of my neighbors. In my society there are numbers of different breeds of dog and they love to play with the dog. Dog is most famous pet in my society.
I can find many birds and animals in my neighborhood.
I live in south India. Crows are seen in large numbers beside crows there are other kind of birds in my neighborhood are parrots and woodpecker,pigeons,hens and during night bats.
Domestic animals like cow goats are seen commonly.
People here also have dogs !!
though i live in a city in central europe, there are lots of animals here in my neighbourhood: several dogs in the house, a parrot in a flat at the second floor, a cat always sleeping in the window of a flat in the secondbutnext block, lots of different birds crossing the sky: lots of swifts, two different sorts of crows, sparrows, blackbirds, pigeons, grey herons, woodpeckers, and eventually some others. lots of insects, as ants and sorts of bees in the basement, different flies, some of theme are very small, some bugs as for example different ladybirds, red with black dots, black with red dots, yellow with black dots, black with yellow dots, brown with red dots, such with different numbers of dots, etc. haven't seen cockroaches yet, and i hope i won't ever see one here around...
here it's just a matter of how close you take a look at things, and you'll find animals in every corner!
When you wake up, I hear lot of birds and I love their sound, because that is the only thing that never
changed in years.

Lot of cats and dogs, though stray not harmful, wandering around.
Here in my country Mexico is common to find all kinds of animals on the street, cats, dogs, horses, cows, goats, snakes occasionally.
Cats and dogs are the most common pets I see around here. I often see birds like common gull, european magpie, hooded crow, western jackdaw and lots of other, smaller bird spices. Roe deer and eurasian elk sometimes visits early mornings. Just some hours ago I saw a bat. Then there are a lot of smaller animals like insects and snails but they are too many to list.
i've got 6 dogs of my own, yeah it's a lot i know.
a lot of dogs and cats around here, and many birds as we live next to the forest in our little village
also a castle in the neighbourhood with some nice white ducks
many sparrows, crows and owls and hawks.

love it
we got a lot of cat and rat here. they poop everywhere they like. it's very annoying for me.
We got a lot a dogs around unfortunately, so now I can't get chickens without wondering if they are gonna make it.
in my neighborhood i saw mostly cats and dogs.
In my neighbourhood i saw mostly people thave dogs and cats.I things these are nice and cute animals.
There are so many animals in my neighborhood such as rat, cat, termite, little bird, butterfly, flies, mosquito, cockroach, ant, guppy fish on the gutter. So many unidentified insect here near my house that make this world beautiful.
I live in the suburbs, so there are not that many animals. Though I do see a lot of skunks, raccoons, and stray cats.
Pheasant and rabbits and some birds
There are dogs, cats, pigeons, sparrows, crows, ducks, hens, goats, cows, horses (traffic policemen have them), rats, etc.. Yeah, pretty much the usual bunch.
I see lots of animals, Dogs, cats, goats, cattles, chicken, snakes, lizards, birds, fishes and lots more. i even see a lot of humans.... lol cos they are animals too right? i seriously dont like see snakes, i just wish they could be extincted from the earth and universe in general. they give me the creeps.
I my neighbor hood i saw mostly cats and dogs
In Cracow, people are very divided: some prefer dogs and some cats. The share is about 60%/40%, with the first number representing dog fans. Obviously, cats are not as visible as dogs on the streets, people don't put them on a leash and go out for a walk. There are some homeless cats near the housing bins.

Twenty years ago, Rottweiler was the most popular dog breed. Ten years ago, many people were buying Pitbulls and Amstaffs. Unfortunately, Yorkshire Terriers became trendy few years ago and they are still probably the most popular dog breed here.
in my neighborhood dogs a lot. Almost every one has dog.
Ugly pigeons are the only wild animal I can see in the city I live. But there are also a lot of very beautiful dogs, and a few cats (all domestic).
IN my neighbour hood they have hens and cocks , Else they do not like to have pets, even they got angry on my cats and dog some times. Laughing
Here it's a bird too. Passer domesticus it is the sort name. If you would count them here, you can count hundredths per day where I live.

A particular type of sparrow we name (in Dutch) the HUISMUS. Small.. feeding on our food spill and other garbage.. and making happy horny beep sounds all day. Prefers human environment, that is rural + city environment (which is the Netherlands, we don't have true nature left..)
In my neighborhood in Colorado, of course the neighborhood dogs and cats, deer, coyotes, foxes, squirrels, chipmunks, hawks, falcons, snakes, and a snapping turtle down by the ponds along the open space area.

It is a fairly populated area but it sure does have a lot of wildlife around, the foxes and coyotes are the biggest threat to the neighborhood pets and like I tell everyone, don't let your pets out at night!

The other thing we have in the area along with the wild life is quite a few homes with barns that are raising Alpacas, and Llamas are quite a few of them around the area. Plus we also have some buffalo ranches around the area so you can see them as well, although they are not wild.

Funny thing about the buffalo ranches is that none of the buffalo are all that big. Spoke with a rancher and he said that they don't let them get much above 2000 lbs. because when they get bigger they are unstoppable and walk through fences, barns, and walls.
I see mainly pet animals daily such as cow, dogs, cats, rats, Pigs, Goats, hen and many more.
Well, I live in a highly populated city with no space for animals. So, the animals that I see are rats/mice and then of course, there are street dogs everywhere. There are a few cats here and there who come sneaking and noone actually notices them. And then, there are the occasional monkeys who come out of nowhere, eat all our food and destroy the rest. Other than that, there are no animals that I spot. There are a lot of pigeons, sparrows and crows though, but they're birds, I guess.
There are lots of wildcats like cougars and bobcats around the neighborhood. But there are also mountain lions and raccoons and other dirty animals. There are also lots of wild cats and dogs that run around the neighborhood.
I saw a pair of cranes (grus grus) only 1 km (as the crow flies) from the house where I live. The number of cranes has increased a lot around here lately. Only a few years ago it was very special to see a crane but now they are a very common sight. They like to be on big open fields so I don't think I will be able to see one much closer to home than what I saw today.
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