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Link @ Frihost logo (at the top of the fórum)

Im new at Frihost and after a few minutes of navigation I want to make a suggestion.

The Frihost logo in the top of the forum links to the main page of Frihost.
The majority of the forums link it to the main tree view of the fórum (in this case ).

This is almost a rule when designing a webpage (the logo should redirect to the index), in this case in takes us the index, but in my opinion, the wrong index (it should be the forum index instead of index).

Hope you can understand my point of view.
Yea he is write. The link shld take us to forum index not the main site index.
I think that very few of us will use the LOGO in this way.
Most of us will us the direct link in the forums
as most forum users click on the logo to get back to the index , they would do the same in this forum too ,thus i feel that it would be better to relink the logo to the forum index
Well, I have found that most forum users actually click the links next to 'new topic' and 'reply' images... I have never used logos...
dark_one wrote:
Well, I have found that most forum users actually click the links next to 'new topic' and 'reply' images... I have never used logos...
Ditto. The "FRIHOST Forum Index" link is there for a reson. And as far as logos go, they should point to the initial index of the said website, shouldn't it? Which it does..
ya..... i agree wif it.....
Anthony123 wrote:
ya..... i agree wif it.....

Please don't post with just a "I agree" or something along those lines, that is considered spamming (else it should be considered spamming).

I do agree with the FriHost logo linking to, but does anyone actually go there? I've been there only 3 or 4 times so far.
snes, do not back seat moderate Surprised

Anyway, nothing will be done about that, so just click on the word FRIHOST Forum Index (the bread crumbs)

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