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Introduction to Niches, Spikes & Trends

Here are examples of some NICHES (not micro-niches): Internet Marketing, Shoes and Apparel, Health & Beauty, Transportation, Relationships, Financials, Housing. Let’s take a look at the micro-niches, for contrast: Search Marketing, Email Marketing, Work-At-Home, Youth Apparel, Sports Apparel, Hand-Made Apparel, Weight Loss, Skin Care, Body Art, Car Sales, Boat Sales, Accessories, Same Sex, Religious Matches, Cheaters and Adulterers, Debt Consolidation, Short-Term Loans, Stock Investors, Note Buying, Snowbirds, Vacation Rentals.

You can go overboard with niches and fall into something that is more of a product offer and not a micro-niche: Google Marketing, Basketball Shoes, Tattoo Removal, Car Rental, Geo-Targeted Dating, Foreclosures. So, as you can see, there is a fine-line between a great micro-niche and a great ‘offer’. The number of monthly searches will be the ultimate deciding factor as where your terms fall into these.

When ISPs network with each other, there is one more piece of data that COULD get you…the IP used when registering the domain. This comes into play much more often AFTER you have been investigated by some reporting agency such as Spamhaus and only if they are able to track your IP.

Spikes & Trends

Spikes and Trends are niches that have experience exponential growth over a short period of time. These include buzz words, social trending, and gimmick products. In order to research Spikes and Trends, you can use a tool provided for free by Google called Google Trends. Google Trends will provide a world of statistics for you to analyze and determine if the niche you are entering is a Spike, a Trend, or Stable.[/img]
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