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Inventions in the 70s

Below are inventions in the 70s i have in my notebook.

barcode - 1973
Email - 1971
Genetic Engineering - 1973
Ink jet printer - 1976
in vitro fertilisation - 1978
laser printer - 1975
LCDs - 1970
space station - 1973
Cool, but there is more, i think
briankid wrote:
Below are inventions in the 70s i have in my notebook.

barcode - 1973
Email - 1971
Genetic Engineering - 1973
Ink jet printer - 1976
in vitro fertilisation - 1978
laser printer - 1975
LCDs - 1970
space station - 1973

In vitro fertilization predates to renaissance, I think
personal computer also known as PC
LCDS were invented that time? GOSH O.O
In the year 1971 -> Microprocessor - the greatest invention of all times?

Intel 4004
There was a lot more invented in the 70s, some not as great as others, but inventions nonetheless..

Here is a list:

1970 The daisy-wheel printer invented.
The floppy disk invented by Alan Shugart.

1971 The dot-matrix printer invented.
The food processor invented.
The liquid-crystal display (LCD) invented by James Fergason.
The microprocessor invented by Faggin, Hoff and Mazor.
VCR or videocassette recorder invented.

1972 The word processor invented.
Pong (first video game) invented by Nolan Bushnell.
Hacky Sack invented by John Stalberger and Mike Marshall.

1973 Gene splicing invented.
The ethernet (local computer network) invented by Robert Metcalfe and Xerox.
Bic invents the disposable lighter.

1974 The post-it note invented by Arthur Fry.
Giorgio Fischer, a gynecologist from Rome, Italy, invents liposuction.

1975 The laser printer invented.
The push-through tab on a drink can invented

1976 The ink-jet printer invented.

1977 Magnetic resonance imaging invented by Raymond V. Damadian.

1978 Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston invented the VisiCalc spreadsheet.
The artificial heart Jarvik-7 invented by Robert K. Jarvik.

1979 Cellular phones invented.
Walkman invented.
Scott Olson invents roller blades.

Very Happy
Lot's of good stuff here. To bad I wasn't alive in the 70s.
First email
Some very useful inventions were created in the 1970's. We frequently still use some of them today. This encludes e-mail. E-mail was invented in 1971 by a man named Ray Tomlinson. E-mail made life eaiser because you could now communicate with people from around the world for free.The floppy disk was also an invention of the 70's. It was invented in 1971 by Alan Shugart. The floppy disk was a great invention because it stores data on the computer. The barcode was invented in 1974. The barcode is a useful invention because it could tell the price of something just by scanning it. The first bar code was installed at Marsh's supermarket Troy,Ohio. A Wirgley's pack of gum was the first item to have a bar code. The laser printer was an invention in 1975. It makes life eaiser because you could now print pages you wanted to keep. In 1977, Raymond Damadian invented the MRI scanner. Now, you could look inside the human body in a safe and painless fashion. The first human study using MRI happened July 3, 1977.
In the 1970's the toys invented were the Nerf ball, Rubik's Cube, Stretch Armstrong, Weebles, and video games.

I also remember that the urethane wheels for skate boards came out then, which changed the whole skate board scene!

I don't know when electronic ignition was invented but it was a standard part by 1973 and in my opinion one of the greatest advancements in auto technology - because breaker point ignitions systems SUCKED!!!!

I also remember being able to buy muscle cars for less than 1K - everyone had them!! Now a restored muscle car will run you 30K or much more depending on where and what you buy!
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