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Need A Video Editing Program

Anyone know of a good video editing program that is good with recited videos on video games and is user friendly and is on a Mac. It has to be on a Mac.
Ghost Rider103
Have you looked into any of the Adobe programs?

I used to mess around with Adobe After Effects, you can do some amazing things with that program. It's definitely on a Mac, as I think most if not all Adobe programs are. I don't know if I would consider it user friendly though. It is once you get used to it. Learning the program takes effort though.

There is also another good one by Adobe which is more for video editing, I think AE isis more for special effects. Adobe premiere I think is the other program. I may be slightly off on the name?

Other than that I hear Sony Vegas is good. I've never experienced it personally, but it's well known as well.

Good luck.
Well mac has the best editing software of all time exclusively on it's platform: final cut pro. But it may be a bit excessive for what you are doing though.
I used after effects but it not easy to use and premier wont work on my mac need 64 bit processor
It depends what you want, really. I'd recommend both Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro 7, however with the advent of the poorly received Final Cut Pro X, it might be a good time to start using Adobe Premiere instead.

If you're a student, you can get some great discounts on Adobe products, so ask your university/school.
XchaosX wrote:
Anyone know of a good video editing program that is good with recited videos on video games and is user friendly and is on a Mac. It has to be on a Mac.

look for video editors from Adobe Corp.
you can still Google it..
there are many video editors for Mac..
Hope this website will help you.
i use a macpro with premiere and final cut pro. i've started using premiere since their CS5. with final cut i've worked since their first appearance on the market but switched to premiere cause the big disappointment called final cut X. they are similar but final cut is more flexible in compositing.
For your uses, if you don't need any high end effects (which make the programs like Final Cut, AFter Effects, etc so expensive) is to get ScreenFlow. It's about 90 bucks and it is the best screen recorder you can get. After recording, you can edit the video and it's got lots of useful tools for audio and ofc the usual transition stuff. For doing gameplays on a budget, this would be a good bet. Or, get the free program Avidemux, which is pretty well known and supported, but won't record the video for you. Then again, it sounds like you already have a decent method of video recording so I guess that is not a problem.

edit: oh, just remembered, Blender also has great video editing tools as part of it's 3d modeling compositing, and is of course free. You can skip all the model stuff and just use your own footage. I still think avidemux, though I haven't tried it, is worth a shot first though.
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