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Sign Language

Hello fellow Frihosters

As the title says, I'd like to start a topic about the sign(ed) languages. I haven't found any similar on the forum so I hope not to double the topic.

Have any of ever had any serious experience with this type of communication? Or even you know and easily talk to others using it?

Both Braille for blind and the sign languages for deaf and mute people were always mystery to me and now, when I have few months of free time, I'd like to learn the second of these. Could you provide me with any useful informations about them? Like which type is most popular or most known (I suppose there are several?), how long does it take to learn basics needed to communicate or if there are any discounts or free courses in European Union? Or maybe there are some on-line courses worth watching.

Of course, join the discussion with anything related to the signed talk, I'd like to (luckily) listen to you.

Braille is not a language. It's a typeset. A different font for the latin alphabet (not really sure how special characters like "" or "" are realized, though). Once you learn to correctly identify all the letters you'll be able to read anything, in any language.
Learning Braille isn't really useful, though, if you're not blind. You'll always find a printed version of the text and you don't need Braille to communicate with blind people. You either talk to them or if you send them an email their PC talks for you and prints the text in Braille.

I looked up sign language a few months ago. But I only found english books and since sign language actually IS a language, it has its own grammar which also differs from area to area. Not so much difference as in spoken languages, but it seems a communication between a french and english person (for example) using sign language will not go perfectly swimmingly.
Can anyone post a link to a youtube video tutorial or website that teaches sign language?
It would be even better if someone were to post a simple step by step guide to learn the basic signs to communicate with deaf people.
Thanks. Exclamation
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