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Cleaning Your Mac's Hard Drive


Cleaning Tips
Download the application CleanGenius or AppZapper and go through your application folder, removing all unneeded and unused applications you can find.
Download the application Monolingual and remove all localization files not used for your language. This can free up to 2GB of space, a significant step to freeing space.
Open iPhoto and delete photos you no longer need. iPhoto has its own application trash so remember to empty that.
Open iTunes and delete all of the music and podcasts you no longer like or need.
Spend some time and go through your Documents, Movies, and Pictures folder, deleting any junk you no longer have any use for.
Clear out old email messages in Mail or other email program.
Go to ~/Library/Caches/, and delete anything you see from applications you no longer have installed. Repeat the process in ~/Library/Preferences/.
Go to ~/Library/Safari/, and delete the “Icons” folder. This stores all of the favicons on websites, which appear next to the URL. This can also speed up web browsing speed in Safari.
If you don’t use it, remove Mac OS 9. To remove it, drag the "System Folder" and the "Application (Mac OS 9)" folders to the trash from the root of your hard drive.
If you don’t need it, remove the Xcode installer, located in /Applications/Installers/.
Go to ~/Music/GarageBand/ and delete any GarageBand demo songs.
Remove unecessary iChat icons from ~/Pictures/iChat Icons/.

Once you have done everything on the list, you should have a nice, clean hard-drive, with plenty of free space. If you are still lacking on the free space, you could purchase an external hard-drive. Before you do, run some applications listed below as a final clean up spree to free up more space.
Thanks, it really help me recover a lot of space and make the function of my mac faster. How often this should be done in order not to have the same problem again?
You can slim down your applications using XSlimmer.

I try to keep a list with similar useful tips for Mac on my website. It is still under development, but you can have a look and maybe find something that helps. -
PatriciaC wrote:
Thanks, it really help me recover a lot of space and make the function of my mac faster. How often this should be done in order not to have the same problem again?

I would think a time line of maybe once a month our more frequent if the computer is used a lot or however many times you believe you need to.
Some more apps that might help with the general maintenance:
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