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Server Capabilities

I'd like to know, which engines/technologies (or how do they call it) are available and operational on the servers. Obvious one is PHP but I have found little information regarding other like Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc. Is there some separate topic about which of mentioned (or even less popular) languages are supported and on which server? To see phpinfo (or others' equivalents), we have to register hosting to one of the servers. And what if the chosen doesn't support desired language?

If not, I'd like to suggest to create such status page or just simple thread. That would be useful to newcomers (and attract them - free hosting services usually don't offer anything apart from PHP). It wouldn't be even much work to do, manual updating of informations won't take long - as I suppose.

Is it possible to do, Mr. Bondings? Smile


PS. This topic fits Suggestions forum as well, just move it if needed. Thanks.
We provide a standard environment with php and mysql. Most people only use this.

Apart from that you can execute several scripting languages (perl, python, ...) as cgi - which is usually adequate for normal scripts but pretty slow for complete applications.

For Python we used to have mod_python, but is has a lot of problems and is now abandoned for a long time. It's also not working anymore with the newest Apache. I however recently installed mod_wsgi on Server 4 (new users) that should make it possible to host complete applications like Django decently (not slow as with cgi). I am planning to put it on Server 2/3 too in the same way.

Ruby on Rails is not supported. I once planned to try supporting it, but the demand is not big enough to justify it. It's probably years since the last time somebody asked about it.

In any case, if you need something, you can always ask (and continue asking) and I'll try to install it. This includes Ruby (on Rails).

By the way, you can check phpinfo before registering here: (server 4). It however only displays php information.
Well, as I have thought it over, people* looking for free hosting usually just began their adventure with web development and don't need any advanced language support. PHP is usually the first step (and the last one, sometimes) so it's enough for beginners* and they don't care about any other technology.

Professionals who would need mentioned support choose paid hostings thus Frihost just can't attract them.

I just wanted to know if I can run basic scripts and compare their usability on the web, as I thought they are all supported Smile. Honestly, I can't even create single formula to produce hello world in Perl or Python.

Just don't bother on it. You may consider using some poll if there will be more people asking about what I had.

PS. Did I write the last paragraph correctly?
* - I mean myself, too Smile
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