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Does Facebook worth the valuation of "100 billion"

Facebook are taking the roadshow to attract investment. Of course Facebook's service is very amazing. Even if Facebook is banned in China,I often use it with WallProxy .But in practical way,I really wonder whether it worthes 100 billion. The number is forecasted by Wall Street Journal .Is there froth in the number? Question
Well, there is no PHYSICAL product that facebook produces. The only thing that facebooks produces is "attention". I've heard both good and bad things about this, recently I've been reading how doing a campaign on facebook doesn't really reel in any new business or about how major stores closed their facebook fronts because people don't go on facebook to buy stuff - they go on facebook to check up on their friends or to stalk attractive strangers lol.
I think Facebook stock value is overvalued.
Already I saw the news yesterday, where the stock prices have dropped, and not sure whether it will gain momentum (like google), but still, it is too early to say.

I know a lot of people who use facebook for work purposes, where they share documents and rosters etc, so its like a company based sharing environment.
Plus these companies use their employees friends list to market their wares.
Its not the physical property that really counts in facebook but I think its the user base that really counts. I think facebook has about 901 million users around the world and its a huge user base and as you can guess its an unimaginable reach throughout the world.
Facebook has a tremendous user base as mentioned but figuring out how to monetize that will be difficult. People dont seem to care what happens to their data but FB wants to be careful with how overtly commercial they make the site. As it is I think there are a lot of things that will never be particularly suited to Facebook style marketing and advertising. A lot of business to business type companies probably arent going to get much of a boost but if you are selling a new movie or a new album then obviously it can be very useful. I suppose if they can come up with their own search engine that means nobody has any reason to leave the Facebook site for Google OTOH they can generate a lot more revenue.

As it is though I think they were heavily overvalued at their IPO. Truly massive growth was already factored in to that price.
I heard that Facebook's users are bring it less money than before. Besides, more and more people login in Facebook via their smart phones .As we all know, Facebook's performance at mobile platform is not very good.I think that's the reason why Facebook purchase Snaptu,a sofeware company design products mainly used for social networks. But companies like Facebook own their most income through Ads. What a pity! Ad systems at Mobile are controlled by Google and Apple.So Facebook need to do more than before to keep its valuation.
I'm sure Facebook will catch up fast with mobile technology. Everyone is.
^ They'll probably do it.

However, I'm curious if the whole data mining operation will give the expected results. Targetted ads are the big thing now, but do they really work?

In theory it sounds good right? However, the algorithms for serving the right ads to the right people must be perfect, they have to be accurate. Second of all - when you visit facebook, do you really look at the ads? Most people log in, check their wall and messages and that's it, I think that most people won't even notice a lot of the ads.

I've been reading this article, hence the skepticism:
I think Facebook should find a better way to improve their revenues.
I mean targetted ads can be great and profitable, but with the user base that they have they could sureyly be more profitable.

For example you make pay members to be V.I.P and they can do more stuff or a membership thingy could be great. But it doesn't need to take too much space because people would go away, but I'm sure we can do something great with it.
It's worth however much people will pay for it.

If you have most of the world coming to one website, I think capitalism continues to demonstrate that there must be some way to make money from it.
Yeah but who knows when people will stop to go to your website.
Facebook has recently updated their look and feel and functionality of fan pages.
yeah.. there are many innovations since the build up of facebook.. and with so much users.. i think facebook is worth it..

it is also a ad site site.. with Mark Zuckerberg being paid for every like in the sponsored category.. and i think mark earns millions from it..

so.. facebook is also growing.. with its latest statistics... i think facebook is the 2nd most popular site after google... and the no. 1 social networking site..

after the evolution of facebook.., other social networking sites tried many innovations... but none worked.. for instance take orkut... it came like a wind.. and now gone like a wind.. same with g+.. google tried everything but no one could come near to facebook.. so.. i think facebook is worth 100 billion.. i think its more than that..

and evolution of facebook was all of a sudden.. at August 26, 2008..,,, it was 100 million (users). and at April 24, 2012.., it is 900 million..
100 billion? that's even bigger than the net worth of the richest guys in forbes
but to think of it, having billions of users daily, how much would they earn from the ads
Yes Facebook revenue is increase with high rate in current time.Recently Facebook started his call center and deal in share market with high cost stock.
Hope they will be doing well in stock.
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