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Rugrats on netflix! I love this cartoon!

Do you like Rugrats?
 75%  [ 3 ]
 25%  [ 1 ]
I want to vote, and then watch it!
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Total Votes : 4

Rugrats on netflix! I love this cartoon!

Created By:
Arlene Klasky
Gabor Csupo
Paul Germain

They really have a really profound way of saying things and delivering a positive message. I site Season 4 episode 2 Psycho Angelica as a reference.
Great they're back! I love Rugrats cartoon too. It's very good.
It was a very very long time that I watched Rugrats. But it was one of my favorite cartoons. The grown up world is just a mystery to them and that's where all the fun begins.
loremar wrote:
The grown up world is just a mystery to them and that's where all the fun begins.

This is true. I like that they can talk, but Angelica is the only one who is old enough to talk to the Adults, and she ignores their wisdom, because she wants to talk over the world and have everyone serve her.

Tommy is great character -- he is the sage -- because he always has a pretty accurate idea of how to conquer the strange things that everyone imagines.

Chucky makes me laugh because he's always so scared of everything. Phillip and Lillian, the twins, are funny too because they are driven to eat everything. They even become Angelica's henchmen when she's trying to steal chocolate in Season 4 Episode 5 (this is a group of smaller episodes) and I don't remember the name of the short, but I really liked it because they reference Humphrey Bogart's the Maltese Falcon among other old movies.

I'm watching the whole series, and it's great. They are at the Renaissance Fair in this episode... it's pretty funny too. They just broke out of the children's play area.

PS. Yes, their dad destroys the Renaissance Fair with his automated dragon he and his dad built. I love it! The day was saved by Philip's imaginary hero Reptar. Seriously, cartoons are not usually this funny today, as most are just slapstick and only begin to tap the depth of humor. Sponge Bob gets pretty cleaver at times, however, and despite not wanting to like it the show has grown on me because it too is genuinely funny.
Season 6, episode 2 Chuckerfly / Angelicas's Twin

The Angelicas's Twin episode is particularly good.
I used to absolutely LOVE the Rugrats when I was a kid!
I can still remember the theme tune perfectly, hehe.
The poll is unanimous at this point. 3 to nothing -- like it.
I don't like Rugrats.
mgeek wrote:
I don't like Rugrats.

Says the man with a baby for an avatar. You don't have to like Rugrats. I did not like it at first either, but it grew on me because it's a smarter show than just about any other such cartoon.

Things I didn't like about it:

Pastels -- the cartoon uses a lot of light colors. I prefer dark vibrant colors.

Babies -- I don't care for children.

The part I ended up liking is how they interpret complicated situations. Tommy is the wise one, but he's still a child, so as such he illustrates the human condition pretty well. He's well thought but limited to his understanding of the world around him.

You don't have to like Rugrats to make me happy, however.
I have a feeling mgeek don't think that Tommy and friends are cool enough to be in his circle of baby friends. Not even cool enough to smoke. Very Happy
Bodhimanus wrote:
Humphrey Bogart's the Maltese Falcon among other old movies.

I always like it when they do that! What a great movie!
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