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Is Free Website inferior to Paid Website space?

I'm helping a friend with his Website and he has paid Website space. I don't see a big difference between his paid Website service and my free Website space from Frihost. Only difference is that the paid Website service comes with back up servers so can virtually guarantee almost 100% up time.

Is paid Website service necessarily superior to free, particularly if it is as generous and high quality as the ones we find at Frihost?
It really depends on your needs. My hosting is 4.50 a month - against protocol to mention which one it is but it's a good one for the price. I think the original reason I got it was because of the extended limits on SQL commands per hour. I was running a popular forum at the time and free hosting was only really failing in that respect.

I have lots of domains and files I host that I'm pretty sure frihost would handle just about but yeah it's like one of those things once you go for it you sort of never go back. I think my online presence has sort of outreached free hosting unfortunately.

Plus it kicks ass having 5tb of traffic per month - I know for a fact I'll never use it.

I'd say for *most* people free hosting is totally fine - I could go back to the frihost server if I had to. I would probably have to mirror some files but it would be doable.
Josso wrote:
Plus it kicks ass having 5tb of traffic per month - I know for a fact I'll never use it.
Definitely impressive. I'd forgotten, the Website I'm helping out with is very basic. When it gets to more complicated design such as in sophisticated and interactive Forums I can imagine this is where paid subscription would come in.
From my experience of paid and free hosting, free hosting will cover most of your needs fine. Paid hosting has some control advantages, and the image benefit of being able to say you're paying for your site, but otherwise... free hosting works.
Ghost Rider103
There really isn't much of a difference if you are just hosting something very basic. Frihost can cover most needs for a basic website.

That being said, when you start to branch out and become large, have a high volume of traffic and such, that is really the only time you need to actually pay for your hosting. Or unless you are extremely busy and have absolutely no time to post on Frihost for your hosting - then you probably need to pay for hosting. This sounds over the top, but I've been there and can totally understand if someone has no time to post for hosting.

If your friend is hosting something extremely basic though, I'd refer him here (don't forget a out your referral link). Even Frihost is capable is hosting CMS's like WP, Joomla, and even forum systems.
So my experience over the last few years ha been unusual compared to those I just read.
I joined Frihost in 2006 and I have always had a paid provider in addition.
My first paid provider cost me a few dollars a month but they did not reinstate my account after someone did a denial of service attack.
In addition they were always trying to increase my membership payment.
I have been with my current provider for a couple of years and have signed up for 2 more,

On a speed test my paid provider is 2.5 times slower than Frihost and now Frhost just gave everyone 1.5 Gb of space. That's only 0.5 gb less than my paid provider.

The only reason I don't just use Frihost is because of the tiny piece of downtime.

It's great having 2 servers.
Frihost is reliable,at least i don't notice any downtime on the sites i host on here so in that respect it is just as good as the paid hosting i have.

So in answer to the question.

Is Free Website inferior to Paid Website space?


It has its limits,bandwidth and space,but so does paid hosting,once you go over the limits of your plan you will be asked to move up to a more costly plan.
For my purposes, no. I've not come close to reaching the limits of Frihost so quite happy. I did have issues with down time when server 4 was giving us grief, but since the upgrade nothing has gone wrong (touch wood). I have a few friends who want to host websites, but they're put off by the need to post in a forum to have it. (I've tried telling them it's not that hard to maintain active status here... I'm surprised at how easy it actually is.)
Well, not for anything small...

But you're not going to find an unlimited host for free, that's for sure.

--Nice knowing that no matter how big it gets, you still won't overrun any limits.
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