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About Naruto

Have you read Naruto
 83%  [ 5 ]
 16%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 6

In the world of Naruto, Ninja and Ninja Village is a national symbol of military power. Ninja Village Ninja gathering place for general Ninja Ninjutsu Academy and similar forces prepared to accept a variety of commissioned tasks. Ninja village has a high status in the country, and even the Government. The five most powerful ninja village - the village of Konoha ninja, fog, Naruto, the village of cloud Naruto Village, Sand Naruto Village Rock Naruto, the village belong to the country known as the "Ninja Big Five," only they leaders and can be called the "shadow", that is, the so-called "shadow" - Naruto, water, shadow, Lei Ying, Feng Ying, earth shadow, is the highest level in many ninja.
Twelve years ago, a nine fox attacked the peaceful Konoha, all the ninja desperate resistance, but nine powerful it another desperate step by step approaching the village, At this point, a ninja sealed the nine he sacrificed his own life, that person is ----- fourth generation of Naruto.
Infant vortex Naruto seal the container of the nine is because the village people impose on him the resentment of nine, he is alone in the eyes of the people's contempt growth with ............
Naruto strong, however, let him never despair, he worked hard, to undergo training, eager to get all the recognition, at the same time he met his partner of many common destiny for their own dreams, and increasingly the stronger.
The protagonist of the story is not yet a graduate from the ninja school cranes Last Ninja, its biggest dream is to go beyond the Chronicles Naruto to become the strongest Naruto. This is the thread of the story. While the protagonist Mizuki event successfully graduated from the ninja school, began the journey of the ninja. The central idea is to fire the country, represented by --- fire a consistent heritage. You can see the gorgeous Ninjutsu can also learn ninja level, know as a ninja cruel. Very passionate fighting scenes, but also the feelings of people moved to tears narrative, more fighting, civil war and large-scale war scenes. Another one as for the dark line is --- fetters. Whether it is between brothers, between lovers, between the village in the village, or hostility of the two, are woven into the ninja world drawn by Masashi Kishimoto.
I don't think anyone doen't know about Naruto? Rolling Eyes
Cosmoslayer wrote:
I don't think anyone doen't know about Naruto? Rolling Eyes

I think you are right, even the one person who voted that he/she hasn't watched it now knows of it Laughing
I read Naruto, but just out of habit and to see how it will end. It really got much worse compared to the first volumes. Sad
@Pippo I know what you mean, everyone is over powered at the moment and some things just don't add up like: 4th Hokage automatically knowing how you use Kyuubi mode after being revived etc but there are other good mangas and manwhas out there. Read Berserk, thought its on hiatus I'm sure you will enjoy the 333 chapters that are already there.

Oh you definitely need to read Noblesse too. It starts off slow but stick with it and enjoy.
Minato could use Kyubi mode because he sealed half of the Jubbi within him and he is really strong
@Arrogant Naruto had to (befriend) gain the trust of the Kyuubi and train for who knows how long in order to use Kyuubi mode, at the time of his death Minato was no friend of the fox.
That doesn't mean he can't use kyubi mode
Thank you for your contributions! Very interesting!
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