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check out my new layout.

right now there isnt much content on here, but im working on it a little bit each day.

The left side column is going to have the links, obviously, but there are still more i have to put in, and i will be making PhotoShop buttons that will depress when you roll over them with the help of some javascript.

Im not sure yet what will go into the right side column, im thinking that i will put an add there, but im not sure quite yet.

the center one is what is going to be changing with every page. Its going to hold the main content. Right now there are just a few props and some info in there.

I made the top banner last night in PhotoShop, I may be changing it soon though, because my friend is donating a Custom background for my site since i helped get his site off the ground.

Here is the site link, gimme some feed back and suggestions if you wish.

i was wondering how i could make it fit different screen resolutions also, if you happen to be veiwing it in anything less than 1024x768, you may notice you cant see it due to overlapping. If anyone is a guru with css positioning, i would appreciate some help, i cant seem to get the boxes to not overlap if the viewers resolution is lower than then site allows.
OK, do a google search for "Fluid 3-column CSS" or something like that and you'll get a FLOOD of tips.

What I recommend is that you make the center column fluid (by not assigning it a fixed pixel (px) width) and using margins instead of absolute positioning.

I won't go into too much detail, because you should be able to find all of this in your research.

Also, be careful with your links...
<a herf="...">
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