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My first clan site on

My website has been up for a week and im very satisfied with the hosting.
So my webiste is about my clan called Ultra Nyan, it's a warsow clan. The main site is on joomla, forums on phpBB and I have linked to for imageboard.

Here is the link
This is the frihost address:, but please click on the tk one because I want to keep it active.

Something is worng with that (not much traffic lol).
Bandwidth (GB)    0.0484    34.179

So how does it look?

Also I hope I won't get a spam wave after posting here...
What image slider are you using on your index page..? And is your forum a phpbb board..because the entire style seems to be different..That's why i asked..?
Sorry for very late reply. The image slider came with the joomla template, template name is Jaxstorm and its fully GPL, you can download it form
Dont know about the phpBB theme bacause i have changed the whole site but it was a free GPL php theme from rocketheme, I found it on I choose themes very carefully most people are too lazy to search free themes and go for paid top 10 lol.
I updated my website look:


One problem, my forum got spam flooded last month, over 1500 spam posts, I had captcha on but that didn't work Sad

I think they are using humans to bypass the protection.

wtf i cant see my message (Edit by Bondings, there is some bug that causes the post not to appear if you leave a space after a url and some other less frequent cases.)
Thanks for the template link.. Keep going with your website and wish you all the best.
very nice site
What is that imageboard software? Looks good Wink
I like the site. You should try to get a .com domain. Try your best to get 350 coins. What game does your clan play?
Sorry for late reply.

What is that imageboard software? Looks good Wink

Its Kusaba X - a very popular 4chan like imageboard software. I think the best out there (4chan uses inhouse developed soft).
I wrote custom CSS for it. You can find better looking theme at rockstarchan and 888chan

What game does your clan play?

Warsow, but new version of the game came out and the clan is pretty much dead since.
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