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vmware better than virtualbox??

So Can anyone tell Me:-

is vmware better than virtualbox ????
I think you can say that it is better then virtualbox.
I mostly use Virtualbox because it is free and because I don't need to set up virtual servers.
Vmware is a paid software while virtualbox is a free but that should not lead you to believe that vmware would be the clear winner. they both have plus and minus points but vmware has a much superior graphics engine with support for unity etc.
i certainly prefer vbox.....its lighter and truely an open source app!
vmware player is free and much, much better than virtualbox.
i think vmware is best product in this area
I have not been using the vmbox so far but only vmware from an older version, (2004)

A windows 200 server with active directory was installed for 4 months and runs perfectly.

Recently, a copy of windows server 2003 with exchange server 2003 builds on windows cluster was also
installed on a new vmmachine file.

The installation was smooth and very much like the real one.
Thanks for the vm machine. I like it so much plus it saves me a lot money for the cost of hardware.

I will share my experience after I run vmbox,
i tried virtualbox but had problems running some of my OS but with vmware it was simple . to that i say yeah vmware is much better
VirtualBox is free.
I used both VMWare & VirtualBox and I think VMWare better than. Rolling Eyes
This is one of those cases when the paid thing is way better, but my heart goes to open source.
I'm a VirtualBox fan , since I like FREE software!
I love both of them.

I use VirtualBox, VMWare Workstation 7 and VMWare Fusion 4 and must say Fusion has been amazingly helpful on Mac as I don't need to reboot to view my Bootcamp partition if it's only to check on something or do something quick on the Windows partition of the machine and so Fusion is my favorite on Mac by far (though my one qualm is that it's interface doesn't suit me as I'd like to see a list of my machines rather than thumbnails but eh, aesthetics aren't big).

VirtualBox overall is nice because it does run on both Windows, Macs and Ubuntu (obviously different packages for installation but they have packages for each). VMWare requires you have Workstation for Windows or Linux and Fusion for Mac and there isn't a free version for Macs from VMWare.

Overall they are comparable and overall for most users they are the same, I use it for general purpose of running multiple operating systems at once. And overall see no huge difference though recently I bought a new computer and running Linux on VMWare Workstation haven't been successful which has been sad as VirtualBox runs them very well.

VMWare workstation has better support on the graphical side so running graphic heavy applications becomes much more smooth and reliable which is really the only biggest part that stands out to me but I trust it more as it feels more reliable as VirtualBox has stalled and crashed numerous times on me while I worked in a vm or even on startup or shutdown so I think in terms of trust and getting things done quick, I have enjoyed workstation but VirtualBox still gets the job done and I do use both quite frequently.
VirtualBox is free , while VMware is paid.
I used both VMWare and VirtualBox and I think VMWare better in grapical supports. Still VirtualBox is good being a free one.
Been a while since I've used VMWare... but I use VBox pretty frequently. There's something just awesome about modern hardware that can concurrently run an instance of OSX, Linux, and XP on top of a Windows 7 host, with little lag. Being able to achieve this in virtualbox, I'm curious about vmware now, and how much performance I may gain. There are some weaknesses--for instance, any video in OSX seems to stutter and flicker (but not in Linux or XP) and other performance problems... but yeah. Four OS'es at the same time, each thoroughly usable (including the host), and on two year old hardware.

I love the 64 bit era... but I am going to try out vmware when i get a chance. I would love a bit more gaming and video capability on the guest machines.
Virtualbox is more for client use and has less advanced features than vmware that is the first on server farm.
Virtualbox needs an operative system to be used, Vmware could be used also bare-metal, so don't need an OS to work.

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