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Guess what the SECOND LARGEST INDUSTRY in Mexico is??

S3nd K3ys
Is it:

    Manufactured Goods?

Nope. None of the above.

It's receiving dollars sent home by illegals working in America

Treasury officials say remittances grew to US$16.6 billion (euro13.9 billion) in 2004, a 24 percent increase over 2003 and second only to Mexico's oil income. State and federal officials have designed programs to encourage investment by migrants.

That's money taken away from the US and given to Mexico. It does NOT include monies lost via;

Housing impact
Schooling impact
Medical impact
Legal impact
Taxes lost
etc etc etc

Even with their abundance of fossil fuels, pristine coastline and historic background, the Mexican government can't (won't?) support it's population.

Pres Fox knows this and is not about to change it. The ef'd up part is that for all the money Mexico is making from the US, the US is losing billions of dollars a year from it and our government won't do anything about it. (Anything worth while, anyway.)

This isn't taking into consideration the ramifications of the radical islamists that are likely sneaking in across the north and south borders.

Is it going to take another massive attack on the US before the US wakes up and closes it's borders?

Slightly off-top but relevant; someone once asked me how illegal immigration affected individuals. Do you remember that bus that was trying to evacuate elderly people from nawlins during the storm and caught fire killing like 20 people?

Guess who was driving the bus?

That's right! An ILLEGAL ALIEN! It is rumored that the bus company KNEW he was illegal!
I did some research cuz this seems just a tad sensationalistic.

That is the total amount of remittances sent from US to Mexico... it doesn't say what percentage of that money is sent by "illegals"

just wanting to make sure there isn't any false info floating around (I know how much you hate that S3nd Wink )

(it's probably safe to assume a large percentage is sent by those without the expected US govt documentation - though it is almost impossible to track what the exact number really is)

correct me if I'm wrong
S3nd K3ys
Very good point. I had not even considered that, thanks for prompting me.

According to your link,
Since the central Bank of Mexico's current recording format began in 1980, remittances have never before exceeded both tourism and foreign investment over a six-month period.

Remittances began to gradually outstrip tourism starting in 1998...

I'm fairly sure that with the current system the numbers of LEGAL immigrants has not increased by much, if any. Therefore, the numbers are likely more accurate for illegal immigrants vs legal ones.

I'm out of time for now, but I'll try to research it a bit more this weekend and get back to you Monday.

Have a nice weekend.
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