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Ayurveda and Kerala

Kerala tours offer a number of interesting experiences and adventures to the tourists. People for all over the world visit Kerala to catch a glimpse of its beauty and to gather unforgettable experiences. Besides fun and adventure Kerala also offers Ayurvedic treatments and massages. Hence Kerala has also become a hot spot in the field of medical tourism. People from many places come to avail these treatments.

Ayurveda literally means the ‘science of life’ and is a 2000 year old discipline. It has been followed and handed down through centuries by ancient physicians. Ayurveda was initially practiced as a method of reinstating life to one’s body. Kerala is the only state that has been dedicatedly following this method of medication through ages. Kerala has a number of Ayurveda resorts.

Diseases such as arthritis, paralysis, sinusitis, obesity, migraine, premature ageing and other skin diseases can be treated by the science of Ayurveda. This method of medication is known to heal, detoxify and revitalize the entire human body. It not only cures the illness but also restores general fitness. The main agendas in the Kerala resorts are based on special Ayurvedic oil massages. These massages help in blood circulation, streamlining the body, restoring the immunity, detoxifying the body and reducing the excess fat in the body. Regular massage sessions are offered by the Kerala Ayurveda resorts which help in medication and revitalizing the body and also the mind. The famous Ayurveda resorts in Kerala are located in Kovalam, Kollam, Kumarakom, Kochi and Munnar.
Within the ranks of the Indian states of Kerala has always been something special. 1957 was assembled from the three principalities of Malabar, Cochin and Travancore State, the first freely elected communist government in the world. Since then, Communists and Congress party while changing from a regular, but the radical, religious parties have little chance. Kerala is still a prime example of the peaceful coexistence of different religions. Colourful Hindu temples, mosques in the gingerbread style and massive brick churches exist harmoniously side by side, and the year over 2500 festivals are usually celebrated together.

Kerala is also one of the most progressive states in India. The education level is high. There is a functioning health system and the quality of life is among the highest in Asia. In just the past five years of prosperity has increased visibly. This is due mainly to the economic boom in the UAE. 1.2 million Keraliten work there and send money to their homeland. Everywhere, new residential and office buildings and the streets jostle alongside the rickety Ambassador taxis increasingly brand-new SUVs.

In the port city of Cochin, the construction cranes jut into the sky. Only in Fort Cochin, it is still increasing slowly. After standing on a promontory surrounded by huge lagoon located, the oldest part of the port city of a listed building. For centuries, the city moved to conquerors from around the world. Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch and British came and secured the lucrative spice trade. Even today, haggling in the narrow streets of the former Jewish quarter of cardamom, cinnamon and pepper.
Kerala, India's most advanced society: With hundred percent literacy. World-class health care systems. India's lowest infant mortality and highest life expectancy rates. The highest physical quality of life in India. Peaceful and pristine, Kerala is also India's cleanest state.
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